Why Should I Consider Building a Social Intranet?

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager, - Sep 24, 2019

Most of your workers likely are well-versed in communicating and collaborating online via their favorite social media platform. Why not build a similar tool to keep them connecting at work? Enter the cloud-based social intranet.

This customized platform helps you keep all of your workers in the know via the cloud. Today’s platforms aren’t the formerly clunky, hard-to-navigate drives where workers dumped key files to share and logged in to find them later.

Social intranet platforms deliver not just a way to search and gather information but also a holistic workspace. One that fully integrates with workplace collaboration tools such as Google Workspace and other cloud solutions.

Intranets have come a long way. They’re interactive. They’re searchable. They’re easy to use. They drive collaboration and foster a sense of community.

It's not too late to embrace the social intranet. Here are five reasons why you should start building a social intranet today.

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Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager

Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager

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