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Why Google Cloud Computing Is Expected to Trump AWS

Posted by Cloud Computing Alerts on May 25, 2017

Google Cloud Computing NewsYou may have heard an interesting speculation at the Forbes CIO summit in April; Google Cloud, specifically Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is expected to surpass Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the public cloud space in the next five years.

Google Cloud Computing and GCP’s Success

Diane Greene, Senior Vice President of Google Cloud, voiced this compelling message thanks largely to the sophistication of their Google cloud computing technology. While it is true that AWS currently has a significant lead in the market over both Google and Microsoft, Greene believes that Google’s advances in artificial intelligence combined with its offerings as an enterprise partner may propel it to the top of the market.

Greene said at the event, "I think we have a pretty good shot at being number one in five years," adding, "I actually think we have a huge advantage in our data centers, in our infrastructure, availability, security and how we automate things.

Placing this into historical context, two years ago Gartner analysts said AWS ran ten times the cloud computing capacity as the next 12 to 14 cloud providers combined, but that was never expected to hold true forever. Therefore, why do so many industry experts predict a Google cloud computing takeover?

Google’s Takeover

The chief reason is that Google continually creates valuable technology that makes it an attractive corporate partner. Its machine learning and artificial intelligence offerings have been impressing even AWS and Azure advocates. Data analytics products such as BigQuery and other tools have made GCP indispensable to customers like SAP, Verizon, Colgate and Disney Interactive. The company is offering a new cloud service model that connects its engineers to users, while Kubernetes — an innovate way to manage software containers — will also make it easier and more inviting for the enterprise to move to GCP.

It will be a few years before we know who will be leading the pack in 2022. By investing in advanced technologies, it is clear that Google Cloud Platform is differentiating itself from AWS and Azure — and becoming the competitor to watch.

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