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White Paper! Improve Your Product Development Processes

Posted by Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager on Mar 29, 2017

White Paper: Improve your product development processManufacturers are sitting on massive stores of product development data, which resides in disparate systems within organizations. Engineers are wasting time looking in multiple places for this data to support the product development process.

 What's the Cost of Inaccessible Data?

  • 25% of an employee’s time is spent finding and analyzing information;
  • 61% of knowledge workers access four or more systems on a regular basis;
  • 13% need to access 11 or more systems to get the information they need to perform their jobs; and,
  • 44% of time engineers can't find what they are looking for.

All of this redundant search time results in sub-optimization of top- and bottom-line performance due to:

  • Lowered productivity: A rise in non-value-added per-unit costs due to productivity-draining inefficient manual searches and design rework;
  • Redundancies: A stealth cash drain caused by duplicated work and parts proliferation;
  • Sub-par quality: Increased risk for quality problems and out-of-compliance complications; and,
  • Longer work cycles: This can cause manufacturers to miss both first-to-market opportunities and customer requirements because information can't be found quickly and efficiently.

How Can Search Improve Product Development?

This white paper examines the issues that drive each of these problems and describes how manufacturers using an enterprise search solution can change negative results into positive outcomes including:

  • Reducing search time for engineers by more than 30%
  • Saving $4 for every $1 spent
  • Realizing a projected cumulative savings of $30 million in year three after implementation
  • And much more!

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Peers are Cutting Waste and Improving Product Development Processes.


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Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager

Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager

Bryan works in Onix’s Enterprise Search practice, helping customers find what they are looking for faster. He implements enterprise search technology to help customers grow their business, leverage information in systems and silos across the organization, tap into the network of expertise in the organization to improve collaboration and innovation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.