Learn How DevOps and Kubernetes Deliver Real-World Benefits

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer, - Jun 17, 2019

It’s no secret that using DevOps with cloud projects accelerates development time and lowers costs for development, testing, deployment and operations. But the journey to DevOps doesn’t always start with an infrastructure deployment.

For Westlake, Ohio-based Budget Dumpster, it started a need for online location-based services. The growing national dumpster rental company deployed Maps API to improve customer experience on its website and simplify the sales and customer service process.

Success with this solution drove Budget Dumpster to deploy Google Cloud Platform.

With two passionate developers already on board, Budget Dumpster worked with Onix to leverage the flexibility of Kubernetes to take its internal DevOps capabilities to the next level. It’s been a major success.

Kubernetes, an open-source, container-orchestration platform, allows large numbers of containers to work together to create complex applications and services. At the same time, it reduces operational costs and time by providing such crucial services as networking, storage and a system-health watchdog. Those are just a few of the benefits of DevOps.

Kubernetes Can Benefit Companies of All Sizes

While it sounds complex and something for only the largest organizations, it’s not. Using Kubernetes, you can...

  • Run many containers across different nodes (machines).
  • Scale up or down by adding or removing cluster nodes.
  • Maintain consistent storage and load distribution.
  • Ensure self-healing of services and pods in many failure states.
  • Create various deployment strategies, including canary and blue/green.

Just ask Joe Swislocki, Budget Dumpter’s Director of Web Development. He’s ready to share his company’s DevOps best practices with you.

Joe and the Onix Cloud DevOps and Site Reliability team recently hosted a webinar that digs deep into the real-world benefits of DevOps and Kubernetes. Get the recording today to learn how this powerful solution allowed Budget Dumpster to:

  • Reduce its software deployment from 15 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Organically improve its SEO rankings and subsequently grow its business.
  • Decrease overhead costs and administrative demands so that the IT team could focus on more important initiatives.

You’ll also come away with a better understanding of how the benefits of DevOps and Kubernetes can help you, with the support of your managed services provider, launch your own dynamic digital transformation. Watch this DevOps best-practices webinar today.

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