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Video! Stryker Instruments Explains Why Enterprise Search

Posted by Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager on Jul 1, 2015

Challenged with locating data and experiencing redundant rework and product duplication, Stryker Instruments — a global medical device company — turned to an enterprise search solution for help. The VP of R&D provides insights in this video.

Watch the video and hear the story firsthand including how Stryker Instruments uses an enterprise search solution to:

            • Reduce search time, freeing employees up to do what they love to do — innovate and design great products
            • Eliminate waste by no longer re-running expensive tests and re-creating parts
            • Ramp up a dynamic workforce — easily finding original product information in the face of a new and changing workforce
            • Return $4 for every $1 invested.


Why enterprise search systems? There are many reasons but these are the top ways it can help your organization increase operational efficiencies, enhance knowledge sharing, ensure compliance and, ultimately, sharpen your competitive edge from product development to going to market.

Read how enterprise search can be one of the most effective lean manufacturing tools in your organization.

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Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager

Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager

Bryan leads Onix’s Enterprise Search practice, helping customers find what they are looking for faster. He implements enterprise search technology to help customers grow their business, leverage information in systems and silos across the organization, tap into the network of expertise in the organization to improve collaboration and innovation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.