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Mapping Dashboard Helps ARI Increase Sales, Reduce Costs

Posted by Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager on Sep 3, 2015

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This customer success story features ARI, a fleet management services company that, after implementing a vendor management dashboard with CMaps Analytics with SAP BusinessObjects, saw increased sales for vendors and reduced costs for customers.

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ARI is the largest privately held vehicle fleet management services company in the world, with a workforce of more than 2,500 skilled professionals in offices throughout North America, Europe, the UK, and Hong Kong. ARI manages more than 1,000,000 vehicles in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe, and combined with global associates, more than two million fleet vehicles worldwide.

Working closely with customers to solve complex problems with fleet vehicles, ARI combines business insight and optimal life cycle analysis, best-in-class services and high-powered technology to drive vehicle fleet efficiency up and costs down, uncovering as much value as a company’s fleet can deliver.

Business Challenge

ARI maintains relationships with 66,000 vendors that provide maintenance and other services for fleet vehicles. The ability to identify potential new vendors and improve operational efficiency for customers are key business drivers for ARI and criteria for success. Therefore, the company’s technicians required better insight prior to approaching vendors in order to negotiate preferred rates and drive value to customers.


Using a dashboard, ARI could drill down to zip code and even street level to focus on vendors that could yield the greatest savings for customer vehicle repairs. ARI combines data from various business systems to mash up existing vendors, customer vehicles and financial data. The solution provides spatial context for all client vehicles in a given proximity that could equate to business growth, driving volume and value up for ARI’s vendors while ultimately reducing costs for ARI’s customers.

Technology and Execution

Business intelligence tools from CMaps Analytics allow ARI to prioritize vendors by location, increasing repair volume and revenue for vendors while reducing vehicle repair costs for customers.

“CMaps Analytics provided amazingly powerful and flexible plug and play location analytics that allowed us to rapidly build out our customer’s vision in just a couple of weeks.” -- Paul Grill, CEO InfoSol

“ARI’s Vendor Management Dashboard increased our team’s capacity to prioritize vendors by geography, lower preferred customer rates 50%, increase sales for our vendors by 20%, and reduce customer’s overall maintenance costs by 20%.” -- Don Woods, Department Head, Client Information


ARI sales and operations teams can identify the vendor’s capacity for accommodating customer vehicles, while negotiating break-even points, ultimately driving the cost for customer vehicle repairs down. The geographic context provides zip code-level focus for sales and operations to find areas that could yield the greatest savings for customers. With geographic intelligence on hand, ARI could have a meaningful discussion with vendors without physically visiting the location.

InfoSol is an SAP BusinessObjects partner that specializes in Business Intelligence solutions and services. InfoSol’s InfoBurst with XML Data Caching ensured that ARI could quickly cache and serve up millions of rows of data quickly, providing rapid development and instant access for end users. Through the introduction of CMaps Analytics (formerly GMaps Plugin), InfoSol had at its disposal an instant location intelligence solution that fits its BI solutions perfectly.

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Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek is an Enterprise Geospatial Account Manager at Onix. Since 2013, he has focused on helping companies understand the business benefits of adopting Google Maps solutions. Derek helps customers understand the licensing options and best practices for deploying Google Maps solutions, both pre and post sale.