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Top Five Takeaways From the NYC Googler for a Day Event

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner on Nov 28, 2016

NYC Google Event ParticipantsWe want to bring you the top five takeaways and key learning opportunities from our recent Google event in the New York Google office. Participants joined Onix and Google and saw what it was like to be a “Googler for a Day”

What's it Like to Be a Googler for a Day?

Here's what a lucky group of IT pros enjoyed during a visit to Google's New York office.

1. In-Depth Office Tour

  • We stopped and saw the various collaborative work stations, cafes and tech stops within the Chelsea Market office.

2. Listed to Google speaker Max Saltonstall

  • Max described how the culture at Google shapes the way they innovate — and how a culture change at your organization can help foster innovation.
  • He also explained the strategy around Google's Tech Stop stations positioned around the office. These tech stations allow for frictionless IT resolution.

3. Enjoyed an interactive session led by Googler Sandy Jones

  • Sandy encouraged the groups to solve a problem and then build a model of their solution using items like legos and play-doh.
  • Participants used Google’s Design Thinking methodology to think outside the box to create their prototype.

4. Joined an immersive demo into G Suite

  • Participants learned how tools like Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides promote collaboration, version control and commenting to get projects completed.

5. Enjoyed time for questions and networking during a group happy hour after the event.

  • The group stayed around the Google office to network with their executive peers and to converse with Max, Sandy and the rest of the Google and Onix teams.

You can still find out more about how Google works — and how Onix and Google can help you go beyond productivity. Watch the video to see an exclusive interview with Sandy Jones, then fill out the form for a free consultation.


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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner

Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Events Planner at Onix, planning corporate and employee events. Working alongside Google, AWS and Onix Account Managers, she produces events throughout North America for prospective customers interested in cloud offerings.