Time's Up Webinar: The GSA Expiration Plan You Need Today

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer, - Jul 12, 2018

Time’s up! The days for your Google Search Appliance (GSA) are numbered. Join Onix and Coveo on Wednesday, Aug. 1, for a 45-minute session to learn what it takes to migrate from the GSA before the expiration date arrives.

You likely selected the GSA years ago to provide best-in-class search results for your website, intranet or extranet portal, but soon, it won’t work.

You heard that right. Your GSA will stop working entirely. This could significantly impact your user experience, and potentially, your business.

That’s why you need to be prepared before Google shuts your GSA down later this year — or early in 2019 at the latest. Choosing to “do nothing” or “wait” are no longer options. You need a plan to replace it; there is a small window of time remaining before it’s too late.

What Can I Do to Get Ready for GSA Expiration?

We’ve carefully surveyed the market and done all the heavy lifting for you, combining our extensive enterprise search experience with a solution that will meet your needs today — and also in the future. And we’ve created a three-step migration plan guaranteed for success.

Join the conversation with search and relevance experts from Onix and Coveo for this informative, 45-minute webinar aimed at delivering the blueprint you need to transition away from the GSA seamlessly and cost effectively.

We’ll cover...

  • The looming consequences of waiting until it’s too late
  • The elements of a high-level plan to quickly replace your Google Search Appliance
  • An introduction to a new, more modern solution that will provide search without disruptions in your day-to-day business.

During the session, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about best practices from others that have already made the switch. You’ll also walk away with the support and insights to craft a viable business case to fund your replacement strategy.

Download the recorded webinar here today!

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