Time to Rethink Innovation and Cloud Security with Google

Posted by Cloud Computing Alerts, - Sep 27, 2016

Could the cloud be more secure than data centers? For companies considering a workload migration to the cloud, security is always critical. Google security experts addressed these concerns during a recent roundtable.

“I think we’re seeing a real sea change right now with respect to people understanding that the cloud is more secure than any on-premise solution,” says Suzanne Frey, Director of Policy, Security and Trust, G Suite Engineering.

For example, data often resides in multiple on-premises solutions which require individual teams to manage the disparate systems, Frey points out. Cloud services, including the Google Cloud Platform, typically have a centralized team of cloud-security experts dedicated to ensuring data is secure in cloud infrastructure.

The Link Between Innovation and Cloud Security

Google roundtable speakers stressed the importance of tying innovation to enhancing cloud security. Some of the same safeguards that benefit individual consumers when they’re online are being applied to enterprise cloud environments that make the “entire Internet safer,” says Stephen Somogyi, Product Manager, Google Security and Privacy.

For example, Google Cloud and its cloud service providers build systems around secure cloud solutions that notify consumers when they encounter possible malware and phishing scams. Likewise, Google has embarked on a “certificate transparency” project that fixes structural flaws in the SSL certificate system that can open opportunities for security attacks such as website spoofing or server impersonation.

Other key points about cloud security with Google from the roundtable include:

  • Innovative, cloud-based technologies may enable higher levels of cloud security. For example, Google has been working on ways to “bind” security services to the operating system itself with services such as SafetyNet and Verify Apps.
  • The next generation of Transport Layer Security will be built into highly engaging, low-friction apps such as Progressive Web Apps.
  • Hardware-based security keys are providing greater protection than one-time authentication from hacking and other threats.

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