Is the Social Intranet Right for My Organization?

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner, - Apr 27, 2018

Social. Mobile. Smart. That’s how LumApps describes the intranets it builds for Google’s G Suite. If you’ve contemplated building a social intranet at your organization, it’s time to learn more. We have the perfect webinar for you.

An intranet can help your organization reach operational efficiency by delivering a full integration of all of your crucial business apps — with a social spin — to everyone in your organization. We can show you how in a webinar dedicated exploring the social intranet.

You’ll learn how you can enrich your Google Cloud experience by gathering all of your organization’s content, business applications, social feeds, workspaces and G Suite productivity tools into a single, efficient enterprise portal.

Whether you’re still exploring the idea of deploying a social intranet or you’re looking to move from another platform such as Microsoft Sharepoint or Jive, this webinar offers insight into how this intranet will help you solve core business challenges. There are many reasons why a social intranet could be right for your organization.

You’ll learn how to open communication channels between field workers and headquarters. You’ll hear about the possibilities that come from effortlessly linking your people, whether they’re simply on the go — or working from corporate offices around the world.

When you deploy a social intranet, you will have an easier way to communicate with your employees while also providing them a way to communicate with each other through communities.

Workers can comment, react, collaborate and share well-organized information with each other all in one place, accessible only to the people who work in your organization. And, they will be able to easily find each other through a searchable user directory.

The power of the social intranet is limitless. And it’s something that increasingly more companies have begun to explore and implement to improve the employee experience and culture while promoting corporate sharing and connecting your teams across the globe. 

Instead of merely asking yourself, "is the social intranet right for my organization," check out this webinar to see firsthand the reasons why a social intranet can transform your business and bring your workforce closer together. It's not too late to embrace the social intranet.

Watch and learn why today!

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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner

Carly Sumlin, Marketing Events Planner

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Events Planner at Onix, planning corporate and employee events. Working alongside Google, AWS and Onix Account Managers, she produces events throughout North America for prospective customers interested in cloud offerings.