Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Scott Mabe

Posted by Scott Mabe, Technical Manager, - Jul 21, 2020

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your favorite technical expert looks like? We’ve got you covered with our latest blog series Techie Tuesday. 

In this series, we will feature someone from our technical team, who will share insights about their role, their favorite projects and even industry tips and advice. Now, let’s get started with our first guest blogger. 

Meet Scott Mabe, Technical Manager, who recently celebrated his two-year anniversary with Onix. Scott works remotely from his home office in Maryland. 

What is Your Role at Onix? 

As a Technical Manager, I lead a team of Cloud Engineers and Developers. This is a relatively recent role for me in the company, so I’m learning new things every day. With this role comes the responsibility to create plans for my team. One of my favorite parts of this role is using these plans to help them learn and grow. 

Being a positive force and helping other people to improve is my secret super power. 

What Makes You Excited to Come to Work Each Day?

Learning is a passion of mine. Every day I learn something new, whether it’s related to technology or a new way to manage my team. 

My other passion is helping people solve problems and watching them learn and grow. On a daily basis I am able to help my team to become better professionals and exceptional people. I want to see them succeed and am happy to help them to thrive. 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Project.

Earlier this year, I helped to create a Kubernetes workshop. This was initially designed as a daylong in-person event. The first part explored the technical aspects of Kubernetes and the second part provided participants with a hands-on experience to implement their knowledge. 

Designing this workshop allowed me to further deepen my own understanding of Kubernetes and more specifically Google Kubernetes Engine. It also gave me the opportunity to see this topic from the point of view of the participants which gave me a new perspective. 

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

When I’m not working, one of my favorite hobbies is reading comic books. I’m a huge fan and I also have a growing art collection with some of my pieces dedicated to my favorite characters. 

Once it’s safe, I’m looking forward to travelling again. Some of my most memorable trips include visits to Central Florida and the San Francisco Bay area. I’m also an avid music fan and miss going to shows to hear live music and can’t wait to do that again. 

Share Something You Wish People in the Industry Knew

I’ve been working in technology for a while and my biggest piece of advice is that it takes more courage to encourage and build up people than it does to tear them down. It may seem easy to criticize, but the long term effects linger longer than if you had encouraged a team member in the first place. I truly believe that we can all learn and grow together to build a better future for ourselves and our team. 

In order to do this, I always say, “We need to be excellent to each other” no matter what we do as a team that should always be the starting point. 

“We need to be excellent to each other” no matter what we do as a team that should always be the starting point, says @MabeInTheCloud @OnixNetworking

Any Advice for Someone Looking to Do What You Do?

I realize that as technology becomes more a part of life, more people will be looking to get into this industry. I’ve observed a lot in my career so far and one of the strongest pieces of advice I have for them is to: be humble and learn how to take feedback seriously. 

Feedback shouldn’t be seen as a negative but rather a path to growth. Start by learning to implement the advice you receive and be willing and open to constantly change and evolve. 

Anything Else You'd Like to Share with Our Readers?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, learning and self-improvement are important to me and have really helped advance my career in technology. Anyone who knows me on my team knows that I have a list of books that I recommend. These are a mix of technology, emotional intelligence and productivity books that have helped me.

The Phoenix Project

By Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr

Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

By Nicole Forsgren, Gene Kim, and Jez Humble

No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work

By Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy

Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow

By Dominica DeGrandis

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Scott Mabe, Technical Manager

Scott Mabe, Technical Manager

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