Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Raghu Siddegowda

Posted by Raghu Siddegowda, Cloud Engineer

Mar 16, 2021


Techie Tuesday brings attention to our hardworking and dedicated services team at Onix by sharing their stories.

This series gives you a peek into what it takes to get started and work in the technology field. Find out what inspires our tech team and what words of wisdom they have to share.

Raghu Siddegowda is a Cloud Engineer working behind the scenes on cloud infrastructure initiatives for customers.

What is Your Role at Onix?

I am a cloud engineer. As a cloud engineer, I am responsible for the planning, implementation and growth of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure. In most of my projects, I implement infrastructure as code because this approach provides principles, practices and patterns for using technologies effectively. When I am not doing customer work, I collaborate with data architects and service-line leaders to build data lake accelerators to help automate data lake implementations using cloud-native tools.

What Makes You Excited to Come to Work Each Day?

We have a great team at Onix; it’s a professional, open, transparent team that makes it easy to learn from others. Some projects don't require much work, while some are more challenging. This keeps us on our toes, helping us grow our skills and learn constantly.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Project.

So far, my favorite project has been the data lake implementation we are doing with a university. Our team is building a data lake with ETL pipelines using all AWS-native tools. The project goal is to provide students with a portal that will give useful recommendations to other students. Also, I get to work and collaborate with the great people at Pandata, who are helping with AI and ML work and with Navengage on frontend portal work.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

Finding a balance between family, work and friends may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. I love to hang out with family and friends. When I get time, I like to hike, run and bike. I got into gravel biking recently and love it so far. At some point in time, I would like to ride the Colorado trail on MTB.

Share Something You Wish People in the Industry Knew.

If you get the opportunity to be a consultant, don’t hesitate to take that role. In my opinion, you learn at a rapid speed and get the chance to work on different verticals at the same time. Cloud technology changes so often, so your skillset needs to change with it.

Any Advice for Someone Looking to Do What You Do?

Certifications will help you advance, so use the free credits that are provided by CSP to get some hands-on experience. If you have an opportunity to volunteer for cloud projects, do that too. Also, be willing to pivot in your career and take a new title.

Anything Else You'd Like to Share with Our Readers?

Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in education always pays the highest returns.” I believe that now.

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Raghu Siddegowda, Cloud Engineer

Raghu is a Cloud Engineer at Onix with more than 20 years of experience as an engineer and developer. He holds several certifications with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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