Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Neha Khivansara

Posted by Neha Khivansara, GIS Application Developer

Jan 05, 2021


Techie Tuesday celebrates the tech talent that we have at Onix. Here, we highlight a different member of our technical team while sharing a more personal side of them.

This is a regular feature that sheds insights on what it’s really like to work in technology and how to break into the industry.

Today, we introduce you to Neha Khivansara, GIS Application Developer. She’s integral to our geospatial team assisting customers on a daily basis and sharing the latest location-based technology with them.

What is Your Role at Onix?

I am a support engineer for Onix's Geospatial customers. In this role, I manage support tickets and see problems through to resolution. This involves research, diagnosis, troubleshooting and identifying solutions to resolve customer issues. Also, I build demos and applications using tools like Google, HERE and Mapbox's APIs.

What Makes You Excited to Come to Work Each Day?

I am a people person. With this job I get to talk to all types of people and help them when they are frustrated. Coming across different issues and people keeps me on my toes. There is never a dull day!

Tell Us About Your Favorite Project.

Developing demos and applications to test different ways to implement the Google Maps APIs to better fit different use cases is my favorite part of the job. Google's Places API is particularly interesting since there are 15 different ways. It helps our customers implement the APIs in the most cost-effective way.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

When I’m not working, I like to paint, run and read. I also enjoy traveling and am looking forward to a vacation in Europe with my husband once we get past the pandemic.

Share Something You Wish People in the Industry Knew.

Geospatial data will better the UI/UX of an app and help you make better business decisions no matter the vertical/industry.

Any Advice for Someone Looking to Do What You Do?

Since I’ve been in this position, I’ve learned that being responsive is critical, because you are helping with time-sensitive issues. Work hard, be patient and be prepared for surprises at any time of day.

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Neha Khivansara, GIS Application Developer

Neha is a GIS Application Developer working on Onix’s geospatial team offering location-based services to customers. In this role, she works directly with customers to solve their mapping issues. She earned a Masters in Geographical Information System (GIS) and holds several advanced certificates in GIS.

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