Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Michael Sliwka

Posted by Michael Sliwka, Technical Account Manager

Aug 18, 2020


We’re back with another installment of Techie Tuesday. This is an ongoing series where you get an inside look on what it’s like to work in tech.

In previous posts, we’ve heard from Onix tech team members, Scott Mabe and Scott Cruze learning more about how they got into the industry and what keeps them here.

This week, Michael Sliwka, Customer Engineer from our geospatial team, joins us. He’s been at Onix for almost seven years serving in various location-services roles. 

What is Your Role at Onix?

As part of our geospatial team, I help organizations implement and optimize location services. This means I look at the overall picture of how a company is using a tool, like Google Maps Platform. Then, I find ways to improve the experience for them and their users to ensure they are getting maximum value and return on investment. 

What Makes You Excited to Come to Work Each Day?

I enjoy working with organizations to solve complex problems utilizing geolocation technology. With the constant arrival of new technology, the field is always changing, so I am continually learning new approaches to help our customers. The work is also varied and no two days are ever the same. 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Project.

When people think about location services, they often think of using them outdoors to navigate traffic or to get from one place to another. Recently, I was able to assist with the deployment of a large-scale web and mobile application that healthcare providers will use to locate and direct patients. 

This application focuses on indoor mapping to allow healthcare systems to better track patients and help improve patient care at all levels.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

The ongoing pandemic has led me to take up tennis. It’s a sport that can be played outdoors and is safe because you have to maintain social distance with your opponent. Playing tennis allows me to compete, get outside and exercise all at once. It’s been a great distraction.

Share Something You Wish People in the Industry Knew

It seems to me that there is a stigma - or maybe lack of understanding when it comes to implementing location services. Too often people think the process is overly complex. But I am here to dispel that misconception. When you have the right service, location data can be easily implemented into most applications and services. 

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Michael Sliwka, Technical Account Manager

Michael is a Technical Account Manager at Onix. His primary focus is assisting customers implement and optimize the Google Maps APIs. Michael has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors in North America and abroad, where he has assisted organizations in the utilization of geolocation technology.

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