Techie Tuesday: A Conversation with Gerald (Jerry) Van Guilder

Posted by Gerald Van Guilder, Senior Cloud Architect

Nov 03, 2020


Techie Tuesday shares the stories of Onix’s technical team members who have committed their work-life — and sometimes personal life to technology and innovation.

It’s an ongoing series where we introduce you to a technology professional, so you can learn what they do and what gets them out of bed each workday.

This time we chat with Gerald (Jerry) Van Guilder, Manager, Cloud Architects & Strategists.

What is Your Role at Onix?

I manage, lead and mentor our Cloud Architects and Strategists. We have an incredibly talented group of individuals with a great degree of technical and interpersonal skills. My role also requires me to interact with our clients to ensure that their needs and concerns are heard and acted upon.

What Makes You Excited to Come to Work Each Day?

Honestly, it's the people. Our clients and employees are exceptional and really make it a pleasure for me to step into work-mode every day. I realize that sounds trite, however, it's a wonderful feeling knowing that you're working with a team of such skilled and talented individuals solving the challenges that our clients bring to us. It is genuinely very exhilarating.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Project.

The work that I have and continue to do for an organization that supports community hospitals represents one of my favorite projects. It’s an ongoing effort to migrate the multiple rural hospitals that they serve to the cloud. Planning for and building out the infrastructures necessary for this client has been incredibly exciting and worthwhile.

Being an integral part of a solution that brings increased flexibility and cost savings to areas in the country that need it is so rewarding and motivating. So far the cloud migrations have assisted in alleviating pain points from both systems management and budgets — knowing that all of this is helping the greater good is a major bonus.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and our two dogs. Additionally, when I find the time, I enjoy working on projects around the house and in the yard. I generally usually only look at a picture or a video of someone showing the end result and then I jump in to figure out how I'll do the same thing but with my own unique spin on it. There is something about being able to create and then being able to see the tangible results of your efforts that I enjoy a great deal.

Share Something You Wish People in the Industry Knew.

The individuals that we work with, whether they are colleagues or clients are the reason that we are able to do what we love. Don't become so caught up in the tech that you become blinded when presented with a certain challenge/problem to solve. Don't lose sight of why you're designing, building, implementing, and the impact that the solution will have on the client and their customers once you're done.

Any Advice for Someone Looking to Do What You Do?

Stay focused. It's a simple mantra, however, it has served me well over the years. If at some point you start to feel overwhelmed or feel like you've started to stray from the goals that you've set for yourself, focus. Stop and recollect yourself and plan the best course of action -- at this point, it's also possible to reach out for assistance and/or input from those that you trust. Stay focused.

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Gerald Van Guilder, Senior Cloud Architect

Gerald (Jerry) Van Guilder specializes in GCP and AWS architecture, deployments/implementations and migrations. One of the many things that he enjoys is enabling clients to feel empowered not only by technologies but also in the skill/knowledge transfer that transpires during the course of an engagement. Jerry lives (and works) in Syracuse, New York, with his wife and two pups.

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