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Solve Your Cloud Billing and Budget Management Challenges

Posted by Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions on Mar 22, 2019

OnSpend iconDon’t let cloud billing and budget management slow down your productivity and efficiency. We know this side of life in the cloud can be confusing, not to mention tedious. That’s why we created a solution that effortlessly integrates with Google Cloud Platform.

Simplifying Cloud Billing

The OnSpend cloud billing analytics tool simplifies the financial side of GCP for the various accounts and projects associated with your cloud environment. OnSpend by Onix helps you organize information at both the account and project level so you can easily visualize, budget and forecast billing, spend and usage. It equates these figures to cost, providing analytics not just on a daily, weekly or monthly basis but also even over long periods of time and for multiple projects.

OnSpend_RGBBy integrating OnSpend into your GCP infrastructure, you can streamline the way you manage your cloud’s financials including…

  • Budgeting at multiple levels and tracking against any budget. OnSpend tracks your budget past 30 days. It also gives you the option to set your time frame to match the duration of your purchase order, including multiple POs.

  • Forecasting future spend based on past spending behavior. This feature gives you the intelligence to predict budget completion by tracking daily spending averages. It also allows your cloud billing administrator to set date ranges for customized analysis.

  • Setting alerts to notify you of projects at risk of budget overruns. Choose to receive these valuable alerts on a daily, weekly, monthly or purchase order basis.

You can solve your cloud billing and budget management challenges, with the right tools in place.

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Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions

Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions

Doug leads the Cloud Solutions Sales team at Onix. He and his team help customers adopt cloud technologies and transform their business with cloud infrastructure and custom development solutions. Doug is an experienced software professional with more than 16 years experience developing, deploying, and supporting emerging technologies in various roles including business analyst, trainer, sales engineer, and account executive.