Simplify Google Workspace Provisioning with CloudM Solutions

Posted by James Smith, Guest Blogger and Technology Evangelist, CloudM

Apr 15, 2020


As technology advances, so does the vision that organizational leaders have for their enterprises. Cloud-first strategies are now commonplace. Leaders today need to focus on making the most of the cloud and the opportunities it presents.

One of those opportunities is cloud-driven collaboration. Leading workplace cloud collaboration technologies like Google’s Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) drive success and innovation for all types of organizations, from small online businesses to large global corporations. One thing is certain: The cloud needs to be simple, intuitive and accessible from anywhere on any device.

Flexible Work Environments Drive Productivity & Motivation

Organizations invest heavily in their staff and expect technology to be a key enabler of this investment. Leaders have long recognized the importance of supporting staff with the tools to help them enjoy a flexible work environment, which can include a work-from-anywhere mindset.

For many workers, being where they are their most productive not only improves the work-life balance of staff but can increase overall organizational productivity while allowing leadership to employ the best staff from all over the world.

This flexible working strategy requires robust and innovative cloud technologies to make it possible. This is where Google Workspace really shines. It was designed in the cloud, to be accessed from anywhere, on any device — without compromising usability, quality and security.

When you adopt a cloud computing environment, you get the opportunity to enhance internal processes. The ongoing evaluation of how you work today, while considering technological advancements like workplace cloud collaboration, is essential to continued success.

The cloud represents openness — an ability to integrate easily and automate previously manual tasks. Let's face it, technology succeeds at completing those repetitive, complex tasks day in and day out. Finding areas where this philosophy can be applied becomes a good strategy for business improvement and cost savings. It might involve some change management, but ultimately it will pay winning dividends.

Personnel Changes Don’t Have to Sap Productivity

Let's take a look at a process common to all businesses, one that involves “starters,” “leavers” and “movers.” It’s the process of hiring people, promoting and moving them within the business and managing them as they leave.

Most companies have found this process to be time-consuming, disconnected and expensive to manage. You have to figure out who has access to what files and also remember to change those permissions when people move positions or leave the company. Using the right technologies, however, reduces the impact starters, movers and leavers have on your business. Here’s how.

Combining Google Workspace with CloudM, a powerful management tool for your productivity suite makes the process simple and inexpensive without compromising on security.

This unique combination of cloud-based software solutions creates a streamlined way to deal with employee changes. It can automatically provision your new hires with the right access to corporate, department and team drives, the team calendar they need and a detailed contact directory for all staff. It also sets up their email signature. It does all of this right from Day One.

With CloudM and Google Workspace, you make this provisioning occur by creating and implementing rules based on job title, department and role. Automation takes care of the rest for every new hire or mover within your business.

How Does CloudM Work With Google Workspace for Easier Transitions?

If we dig a little deeper we can see how this helps people across the entire organization. Consider these examples of results when you use this powerful combination:

  • New hires - Increased productivity with access granted to the necessary documents, files and calendars from Day One.
  • Managers -Time savings with just one account set up request.
  • IT admins - Time savings through automation so they can handle more requests with one click account set up.
  • IT managers - Increased efficiency for the department, managing more requests and increasing customer satisfaction with the same amount of staff.

What happens when workers separate from the organization. That’s where the leavers process comes into play. Known for its complexity and security concerns, it can be improved with the right technology, allowing your business to work smarter. Let me explain.

Often, the first hurdle is knowing which steps need to be completed to successfully manage a user and their data when they leave. Taking this into consideration, CloudM has created a simple “tick-box” policy where an admin can simply review the deprovisioning steps and decide which ones are appropriate to apply for that specific job role or department.

Once the steps have been applied, a single click then starts an automated process that can complete three key areas (as defined by you). These can include:

  1. Securing the account and all its associated data.
  2. Managing all the data associated with the account, including documents, calendars, contacts and emails.
  3. Recovering the Google Workspace license ready for re-use or release.

With the addition of centralized logging of all actions and a reporting dashboard to track progress and view future schedules, the leavers process is now standardized, centralized, fully automated and auditable.

The benefits of this powerful combination of CloudM and Google Workspace can once again be felt across the entire business:

  • Mangers - Set an end date and the rest is done.
  • HR team - Have full transparency of the leaver’s process through CloudM’s reporting dashboard.
  • IT manager - With CloudM running the workflow and logging every action, deprovisioning can stay with the 1st line support team.
  • Security team - Guarantee a standardized, repeatable process that is applied to all staff and their data.

The cloud offers a multitude of advantages for organizations looking for a better, faster, smarter way to work and allows you to always stay on top of the latest innovations. Finding the right technology to get the most out of the cloud is a key decision to make.

With Google Workspace transforming the way your staff work and CloudM’s smart technology helping you maximize the opportunities that come from working on the cloud, the benefits of investing in a modern productivity suite can be felt across the business.


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James Smith, Guest Blogger and Technology Evangelist, CloudM

James is the Technology Evangelist for CloudM, managing a team of technical pre-sales consultants for the software firm. James’ IT career began over 17 years ago. He first worked in the public sector, where he was primarily responsible for IT strategy and architecture. As an employee of CloudM for the past 5 years, he is a passionate cloud specialist.

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