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Search Experts to Examine AI, Bots, & Enterprise Search

Posted by Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications on Oct 18, 2017

Enterprise Search & DiscoveryOnix search experts joined Lucidworks to speak at the Enterprise Search & Discovery Conference in Washington, DC. Now in its 14th year, this is the only conference dedicated to this critical business and technical challenge.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and bots factoring heavily on the minds of many enterprises, common sense about providing quality information access within the enterprise can often get lost in the hype cycle. What AI and machine learning techniques are ready for the enterprise? Are bots just another input mechanism for enterprise search, or are they a paradigm shift in how users ask questions?

Grant Ingersoll presented use cases on where machine learning and bot technology shine, where the trusty ol’ search box still reigns, and how the three can be effectively combined into a modern search architecture.

Grant Ingersoll, CTO, Lucidworks
Marc Berman, Head of Search, Onix

Bryan McKay, Engagement Manager, Onix


Topics: Events, Enterprise Search

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Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen joined Onix’s marketing team in 2011. She has 20 years of marketing and communications experience across a range of industries. She holds an Inbound Certification from HubSpot, and uses her skills to attract and convert website visitors, to close leads and to delight customers.