re:Invent Recap: Taking the Next Steps in the AWS Cloud

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager, - Dec 23, 2019

It’s hard to believe AWS re:Invent has already come and gone. I’m going to bet each attendee came away with a fresh, new perspective of life in the AWS cloud. I know we fielded a lot of questions at our booth, and I noticed a few trends.

Whether you were one of the 50,000+ attendees at re:Invent or you missed it this year, here’s a deeper look at how frequently-discussed solutions can optimize and make a positive impact on your experience, whether you’re already in the AWS Cloud or are just migrating to the cloud.

AWS Database Migration

Many of you who stopped by to see us wanted to learn more about database migration in the AWS Cloud. We spent a great deal of time chatting about how AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) soothes the traditional pain points that come with database migration.

First, booth visitors indicated they were worried about needing special applications to start the migration. Not with AWS. It takes only a few clicks in the AWS Management Console to transfer your data. In most cases, you don’t even need to alter your source database. DMS takes care of all the complex tasks, including replicating changes that occur in your source database during the process.

Others asked about what databases DMS can migrate. The answer is pretty much any widely used commercial or open-source database on the market. It can oversee a homogenous migration, such as Oracle-Oracle, or heterogeneous moves between two different types of databases, from on-premise to the cloud — or vice versa.

Many organizations also are worried about experiencing costly downtime during the migration. Never fear; AWS Database Migration Service eliminates this challenge. Your source database remains fully operational, keeping connected applications running. As noted, DMS replicates any source database changes to the target, keeping the source in business-as-usual mode. Post-migration, you can keep the target database synced to the source for as long as you need it. Switchover doesn’t have to be immediate.

As we discussed with booth visitors, the entire DMS process is resilient and self-healing. Throughout the migration, it monitors both your source and target databases and replication. It also keeps an eye on your network connectivity. If there’s an interruption, you don’t have to restart the entire migration. It automatically picks back up where it left off in the process.

Application Modernization in AWS

Another discussion that emerged quite frequently as we visited with re:Invent attendees focused on application modernization. We understand that your business applications are the vital engines that help you keep your company and operations running.

So why move to the cloud, but not deal with your legacy applications?

We talked about this concept quite frequently with our re:Invent booth visitors. It’s a simple one: If you are in the cloud but are using legacy applications, you’re missing out on some major opportunities to optimize your cloud environment using AWS technologies. By modernizing those applications, you’ll optimize your entire AWS cloud experience and improve the way your organization does business.

You have plenty of options when it comes to making your apps work in the AWS Cloud. These include lifting and shifting (otherwise known as rehosting), refactoring — or fully re-platforming them. Or you could consider retiring your legacy apps and starting fresh. It depends on the app, your needs, and what you want to get from your AWS Cloud experience.

Our DevOps team has experience helping with all of these options. They also can work with our app development pros to help you create customized apps to meet any business need using Java, Python, JavaScript and other technologies. The result? Scalable, resilient apps that are built, deployed and hosted in the cloud.

If you attended re:Invent this year, or have it on your professional bucket list for the future, one thing becomes immediately clear; moving to the cloud is only the first stop on your journey. It’s far from the destination. Are you ready to explore what’s next?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can help you find the cloud answers you seek, whether it's a discussion of AWS 101 or a dive into more advanced infrastructure topics. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our AWS Solutions Architects.

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