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INFOGRAPHIC: Join the Cloud Computing Revolution!

Posted by Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions on Apr 16, 2019

cloud revolutionIf you're still working in an on-premise environment, relying on old servers and legacy software, chances are you're facing productivity challenges and increased licensing costs. And what about time and money to keep them running?

Are You Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Your IT department probably feels it’s time for a change. A cloud computing revolution, in fact. Perhaps they're discussing how moving to the cloud and what it would take to migrate to Google Cloud Platform or AWS. They're on the right track.

Here's handy, at-a-glance guide featuring four reasons why you should listen to the experts and take a bold leap to reinvent your workplace by migrating to the cloud...

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Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions

Doug Sainato, Sales Manager, Cloud Solutions

Doug leads the Cloud Solutions Sales team at Onix. He and his team help customers adopt cloud technologies and transform their business with cloud infrastructure and custom development solutions. Doug is an experienced software professional with more than 16 years experience developing, deploying, and supporting emerging technologies in various roles including business analyst, trainer, sales engineer, and account executive.