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Video: Map Your SAP Data and Make Smarter Decisions

Posted by Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager on Aug 24, 2015

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Eighty percent of all business data — including the data in your SAP BusinessObjects software — has a geographic attribute. As the volume of location-enriched data increases, so does the demand to use this information for decision making.

Companies that “mapify” their SAP BusinessObjects data discover that combining business data and geography accelerates decisions and unlocks insights that were previously hidden in basic tables and charts. Using color, size and other visualization techniques, users can see where the greatest problems or opportunities exist.

Once you add location intelligence to your SAP BusinessObjects data, many questions can be more easily and accurately answered, such as:

  • From where are my customers coming?
  • To where should I relocate assets, resources and/or people?

  • What assets, events, and suppliers are nearest to me?

Harnessing the facts stored in SAP BusinessObjects enables organizations to make more informed decisions — and gain competitive advantage.

Evaluating the SAP Map Solution

While SAP has recently realized the importance of mapping BusinessObjects data and subsequently introduced new mapping features, the focus on maps unfortunately remains an inconsistent and fragmented experience across the Business Intelligence suite. "Out of the box maps" may still require third party licenses, tools, and specialized skills to try to meet business requirements. This additional work could further delay the realization of benefits by business users looking to utilize Location Intelligence. Business users ask for "Google Maps" by name, however SAP instead provides a different map integration, service, and features for every product.

Easily Map Your Data with Google and CMaps Analytics

Today, SAP BusinessObjects end users can create their own Google maps in just five minutes with the CMaps Analytics plugin for SAP BusinessObjects.

The CMaps plug and play extensions put power into the hands of business intelligence practitioners. Users can now easily implement geographic visualizations without the need for expensive server software, GIS system, coding or specialized skills. With CMaps Analytics, any Business Intelligence professional can quickly become a location intelligence guru.

Onix and Directions Magazine, the industry’s oldest and most respected source of geospatial information technology news and commentary are pleased to offer our on-demand webinar featuring CMaps Analytics and Google Maps for Work.

In the video, these mapping industry leaders explain why applying location intelligence to your SAP data will revolutionize your understanding and usability of that data, and discuss how you can harness the power of this data for your organization. You’ll also hear about best practices from these mapping experts, and learn how results are being realized by customers.

The recorded webinar is now available for viewing on-demand; click here to access it today.

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Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek is an Enterprise Geospatial Account Manager at Onix. Since 2013, he has focused on helping companies understand the business benefits of adopting Google Maps solutions. Derek helps customers understand the licensing options and best practices for deploying Google Maps solutions, both pre and post sale.