Powered by AI: Best Practices in Cognitive Search

Artificial intelligence is making its way into everything, and search is no exception. In fact, the term enterprise search is going by the wayside. Gartner calls it "insight engines" and Forrester calls it "cognitive search and knowledge discovery."

These shifts reflect the exciting change occurring in the search market as AI begins to power search in the form of neuro-linguistic programming and machine learning.

This next generation of AI-powered search represents a fundamental shift in the "experience of search" and the "art of the possible." In the consumer space, we are beginning to see it everywhere. We speak to our smartphones and personal assistants, giving commands, asking questions and getting truly helpful responses. When we search for something, we usually find exactly what we are looking for along with some insightful recommendations and content, thanks to others just like us who also searched just as we did. And sometimes, we get exactly the information we need, precisely when we need it, without having to ask or search for it. For example, it is AI that delivers the perfect response to that email or a notification that there's an accident ahead. These are the types of experiences your users and employees are beginning to expect.

Search in the Enterprise isn't "good old keyword search" anymore. Just finding a document or knowledge artifact isn't enough. Cognitive search helps your users gain insights, take action and make better use of the knowledge locked away in the enterprise at precisely the right moment. It is a key component of every digital transformation, turning data into actionable insights.

Want to Learn More About Cognitive Search?

We examined this topic during our recent webinar with KM World. Use this link to download the archived webinar and learn how to:

  • Realize the promise and value of cognitive search — and what to expect along the journey
  • Avoid pitfalls, know where to start and recognize and understand the problems you can solve right away
  • Uncover important new use cases within your company where cognitive search can add value.

Learn more about the webinar and get the recording today.

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