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Opprove: The Workflow App to Boost Corporate Efficiency

Posted by Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer on Jun 13, 2016

Workflow Apps Helping OrganizationsIt’s clear that today's business leaders strive to turn corporate efficiency into a competitive advantage and that many have identified a workflow app as a key tool to propel their business forward. However for organizations using G Suite, the search to find that perfect workflow solution isn’t simple.

This article identifies the most common frustrations business leaders have when evaluating workflow apps and introduces a new product, Opprove Workflow by Onix™ which offers a unique value proposition.

The Challenges with Most Workflow Apps

The workflow solutions on today’s market can meet a variety of different needs, but the most common frustrations encountered with these products include those listed below.

  • The application’s interface is too complicated and not user-friendly.
  • There is a need for programming skills to create a workflow.
  • The cost of the product is often expensive and difficult to quantify.
  • The workflow app is not integrated with Google Drive.

The Solution

The answer is rather simple; find a workflow app that will meet the needs of the company, has an intuitive user interface and is available to everyone in the organization. Opprove is an easy-to-use application empowering G Suite users to create a workflow; a sequence of steps through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. Users can submit a request along with any required artifacts and the workflow design governs the approver for each approval stage, sending notifications upon approval or rejection of the request.

About Opprove

Opprove promotes the efficiency and the usefulness of G Suite within an organization. It allows the company to be more efficient when routing documents, ensuring that actions do not fall through the cracks. Users can submit any work product in Google Drive and have it routed automatically to those who must approve it before completion. Moreover, since G Suite does not have a solution for workflows, Opprove is the obvious choice for moving away from Lotus Notes and Sharepoint.

Best of all, the common frustrations associated with other workflow solutions such as the need for programming are long gone. Consider your search for the right workflow app to be over. Explore the many use cases and benefits of Opprove.

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Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer

Giani Mihalek, Strategic Marketer

Giani is a Strategic Marketer at Onix. With the ultimate goal of delivering sales and building brand equity, she manages content marketing initiatives that drive traffic, engagement and leads. She joined the Onix team in 2013, bringing her brand publisher mindset, social media expertise and experience in digital marketing and account management.