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OnSpend Helps Manage Your Google Maps Platform Budget

Posted by Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager on Jul 30, 2019

manage your Google Maps Platform budgetWith the exception of cost, the cloud has made the IT environment quicker to manage. While cloud providers like Google Cloud make the process to organize and scale IT infrastructure easier, they haven’t solved how to analyze cost and budgets.

That’s where OnSpend by Onix™ comes in.

Managing those costs and making sure you stay on budget to avoid unnecessary charges is crucial in any industry. OnSpend does all of this with its built-in intuitive dashboard for visualizing cost trends and providing behind-the-scenes monitoring which alerts users based on spending activities.

OnSpend provides you with all the tools, strategies and support to monitor and manage the financial side of the cloud, including Google Maps Platform. With OnSpend, you can efficiently and effectively manage the budget and billing process associated with your accounts and projects, allowing you to actively visualize your Google Maps Platform usage and costs.

Budget and Forecast

Are you struggling to accurately predict your cloud spend budget?

Organizations that have multiple business units or divisions might have different Google Maps Platform licenses assigned to each. OnSpend can forecast cumulative and daily spend averages, helping to determine the correct proportion per account.

For example, Google Maps Platform pricing and discounts are based on usage. Using OnSpend, you can track costs down to the specific business unit or division to determine the correct account to use. Leverage your buying power by maximizing all the ways you can use one account.

With this information, better predict and forecast spend beyond 30 days to determine a proper budget — and keep it under a specified threshold. Have a specific project that you want to allocate dedicated funds? Set a budget to avoid overspending. Also, use this as a guide identifying areas in which to optimize cost.

Customize Reports and Alerts

Another way to prevent budget overrun is to set up custom reports. Analyze and monitor spend by selecting a custom date range over any time period — even beyond 30 days. With this function, group reports can be created by date and also per project or service. Metrics don’t have to be limited by project or billing accounts anymore. You can now view these across multiple reports to get an overall picture of your usage and spend.

The power of alerts keeps your budget on track. Set one up to receive critical notifications for a specific event to avoid unexpected billing surprises. Alerts can be set up as percentages or static values, giving you multiple ways to view your data plus choose the budget threshold you want to be notified about. All of these alerts are easily viewed on their own page, allowing you to quickly review and adjust as needed.

Track Project Spending

If you are managing SaaS platforms and projects, gain an understanding of how your organization consumes Google Maps Platform. Begin by determining exactly what your usage and spend are across accounts and projects for an accurate visual representation. Then use this view to look back at historical usage and forecast for the future. Also, use it to better understand how your customers utilize this service when deciding if you should increase prices to maximize profit.

By offering a full visualization of your data, OnSpend allows you to see spend across specific time frames and service levels. Choose a date range — and view what you have already spent, or just look at a snapshot of a moment in time and then extract and download it as a CSV file or Google Sheet. Also, track spend down to the service level to see associated costs, and then group them to extract.

These are just a few of the ways that OnSpend helps you maximize your Google Maps Platform experience. To find out more ways and to hear customer success stories, download our educational webinar. 

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Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek Imes, Enterprise Account Manager

Derek is an Enterprise Geospatial Account Manager at Onix. Since 2013, he has focused on helping companies understand the business benefits of adopting Google Maps solutions. Derek helps customers understand the licensing options and best practices for deploying Google Maps solutions, both pre and post sale.