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Onix Trendwatch: Cloud Trends, Happenings and Hot Takes for 2018

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer on Dec 21, 2017

2018 cloud trendsA new year brings fresh predictions for what lies ahead in the business. Cloud computing is no exception. As 2017 wraps up, our cloud experts gazed into their cloud crystal balls to share cloud trends they expect to happen in 2018.

Increased Cloud Migrations Across All Sectors, Changing the Way They Do Business

From healthcare and education services becoming increasingly more cloud-based (think telemedicine and online learning) to swelling telecommuting workforces across both public and private sectors, the demands for unique remote connectivity needs will climb in 2018. That’s where the cloud comes in. Organizations are becoming more savvy about the cloud and how it can benefit them. It's simple Cloud Computing 101 at play.

Growth in Unified Corporate Cloud Adoption Strategies = Better Technology

More companies will embrace the idea of being “in the cloud” and seek the benefits it offers compared to the traditional legacy server-based environment. This ultimately will catapult enterprise cloud computing technology to the same level or beyond the technology employees use at home. Just as cloud services drive change in companies, these solutions also transform the kind (and caliber) of technologies these companies need to thrive. Cloud solutions drive digital transformation.

Better Global Communication for Improved Productivity

Thanks to the cloud, organizations now can easily connect employees and clients in scattered locations across the globe. Using a standard laptop or smartphone, a worker in New York and a prospect in Cairo can meet face-to-face from their own living rooms. Worldwide business communication has never been easier. And it will only improve, thanks to ongoing improvements in cloud computing.

Wider Use of Multi-Cloud Strategy vs. Single Vendor

It’s possible to effectively mix-and-match cloud services from multiple cloud providers to deliver the best, most personalized productivity solutions. A multi-cloud solution allows IT teams to flexibly manage their organizations’ application and workload requirements. This can make companies more agile and open to embracing growth and business success and look toward cloud adoption.

Tighter Security and Greater Scrutiny

Increasingly aggressive regulatory compliance requirements in North America and abroad plus general concern over data loss and privacy have heightened attention on cybersecurity and mitigating attacks. This will in turn boost the need for cyberdefense engineers and experts in compliance solutions for these regulations. Expect to see demand for security audits also increasing in the future.

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Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

Robin is Onix's Content Marketer. She has devoted her career to the written word, developing strategic, thoughtful, relevant copy that educates, engages and entertains, both as a working journalist and marketing pro. At Onix, she oversees all marketing content initiatives for the leading cloud consultancy and solutions provider. When she's not doing the content thing, Robin continues to hone her skills an amateur car and shower singer while dreaming of gigs at a piano bar, a la The Fabulous Baker Boys. No one has called, so she remains content writing about cloud computing trends.