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Onix Community Service Team Builds Milwaukee Houses

Posted by Derek Schreiber, Cloud Technical Services Manager on Feb 17, 2019

Habitat for Humanity WIEver wish you had some free time during the week to volunteer at your favorite charity? Our company’s culture focuses on stepping outside of our own front door and getting involved. That’s why each employee gets a paid Community Service Day.

While some employees choose to use this day to volunteer on their own at a charity of their choice, others boldly go out to make a difference together.

Onix Makes a Difference

That’s exactly what our Milwaukee team did late last spring when they banded together to help build homes through the city’s Habitat for Humanity program. They worked on four different houses during their time on the jobsite, doing everything from roofing and siding to all the things in between.

Now, according to a local Milwaukee news station, the first families are starting to move into their new homes this week. The news report caught Onix Cloud Technical Services Manager Derek Schreiber’s eye as he recognized the homes on the newscast.

“We all worked on the one with the grey siding together,” he said. “We’re honored to have been part of such a great cause, and it’s so cool to see our work and time spent reaching this important point. A family now has a new home, and it’s thrilling to have had a hand in that. We’re grateful Onix gives us a paid community service day each year so we can help those in need around us.”

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Derek Schreiber, Cloud Technical Services Manager

Derek Schreiber, Cloud Technical Services Manager