Onix Plays Major Role in G Suite Workplace Transformation

What’s it like to work faster, smarter and more collaboratively? Ask the more than 5 million businesses -- including notable Onix clients -- who already have elevated their productivity to workplace cloud collaboration with G Suite.

Google Cloud announced that G Suite had hit that 5 million milestone number of paying G Suite clients, with more than 1 million new customers moving to workplace cloud collaboration in the past year alone. Onix has been part of this exciting journey for several of the clients and their workplace transformation, as Google Cloud called out in the announcement.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we at Onix help hundreds of clients each year launch their cloud journeys across the full scope of Google Cloud solutions, including deploying G Suite. This workplace cloud collaboration tool is a strong practice area. Since 2017, we have helped close to 100 companies enjoy a better, smarter and more collaborative way to work.

Google called out two of these notable Onix digital workplace transformation success stories in its announcement.

Real-World Cloud Journey Success

In Flint, Michigan, workplace cloud collaboration has become more than a buzzword at Hurley Medical Center. It’s a way of life after the hospital transformed the way it works with G Suite. Onix and Hurley teamed up and deployed G Suite in less than four months, bringing all sides of the business, the IT and medical teams together through technology.

As Hurley Medical Center CIO Casey Bryson said, “The move has made Hurley Medical Center one of the first hospitals to elevate to the next level of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and success through G Suite.”

And, in Canada, ATB Financial worked with Onix to build a workplace collaboration hive with a G Suite adoption at the center of the activity. For this large, Alberta-based bank, a locked-down, inflexible digital work environment was not an option. This meant replacing on-premise legacy software and eliminating poor connectivity and communication across the workforce. This move positioned ATB as the first bank to globally “Go Google” and re-imagine its workplace.

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