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Posted by Melanie Sklarz, Content Marketer, - Jul 9, 2019

Giving back to the community is part of our culture. In addition to our own charitable non-profit, Onix Outreach, each employee receives a paid Community Service Day once a year giving him or her an opportunity to volunteer on their own or as part of a team.

Employees at Onix Networking makes a difference frequently in the communities that surround us. During the last year, two of our teams chose to volunteer together during their Community Service Day. 

Canadian Team Helps Feed the Hungry


Volunteering at the food bank is one of the team’s favorite experiences. The food bank acts as one of the main distributors of food to other food banks throughout the greater Toronto area. This time the team was assigned to work in the kitchen, although in previous years their time was spent not only in the kitchen but in the warehouse packing food for delivery and in the grocery stocking shelves. The team is grateful for the time spent together helping others and plan to continue this volunteering tradition.

Our Canadian team spent a day last December at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. Every fall the team up north gets together and decides which nonprofit they want to help. Then they figure out a day they are all available during the holiday season and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by giving back to the community.

Building Houses for Communities in Need in Milwaukee

For the second year in a row, our Onix Milwaukee team chose to volunteer together working with a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity to build homes. The house they worked on last year was featured in local news coverage, creating an even larger sense of pride for the team.

This time their day focused on working at multiple houses completing tasks, replacing a water-damaged floor — and laying some subfloor and laminate flooring. The team also cleaned up the houses so the volunteers for the next week could start work quickly. Seven team members shared this volunteer experience earlier this spring.

IMG_20190621_102835Benjamin Falaschi, a new member of the Onix team, was excited to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. “It was definitely rewarding donating my non-IT skills while seeing the direct impact we made on the project and the community,” he said. “Going into the project, I had some knowledge about what Habitat did within the community. However, I had no idea about the scope of their involvement. Their assistance to the communities they work with and what they have been able to accomplish so far is impressive.”

The houses the Milwaukee team worked on should be completed by the end of the summer. The house where they donated their time last year already has someone living in it, so the team was excited to see the finished product.

At Onix, we believe one person can make a significant impact in the world. Imagine what we can do when we join forces to ignite meaningful change in the communities where we work and live — and in the larger world around us.

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