Onix Introduces OKEA at Enterprise Search & Discovery

Does your corporation deal with huge volumes of data stored in multiple repositories making information retrieval complicated and frustrating? Onix can help you make a viable business case to help your company solve your search challenges.

Specifically, Onix can help your company turn information and knowledge into actionable insights to improve key business objectives and outcomes including revenue growth and operational effectiveness. At the 14th annual Enterprise Search & Discovery Conference on November 7, 2017 in Washington, D.C. during a session titled AI, Bots and Enterprise Search, Onix search experts explored this concept further. Marc Berman and Bryan McKay engaged the audience as they discussed how companies can formulate a sound business case rather than making often uninformed software purchase decisions. They emphasized that companies should explore these elements of their search strategies:

  • How does an enterprise search solution provide business value to your organization?
  • How will you seek approval to fund your enterprise search project?
  • How do you build an enterprise search business case?

Learn How to Get Buy-In on Search Deployment

When it comes to a product as complex as search, the research into the needs and pain points driving the project are critical, not only for making the correct purchase decision, but also for ensuring that your project gets funded. Don’t let your search initiatives receive the dreaded “no decision” from your leadership and end up on the list of unfunded projects. Defining a strong business case helps decision makers feel confident with their move to fund an enterprise search journey. 

Onix introduces OKEA methodology to help you bring the power of enterprise search to your organization. OKEA stands for using the Onix Knowledge Evaluation Assessment. By participating in the OKEA four-step process — Discovery Assessment, Discovery Findings Review, Solution Validation and Roadmap Planning, your business objectives and pain points are uncovered, enabling you to deploy the best search solution to propel your organization forward and manage its institutional knowledge.

Tested and proven, OKEA has become a best practice, used by Onix Search experts with each client. For example, using Onix’s consultative approach helped a Fortune 500 manufacturer consolidate its suppliers by 50%, increase speed to market by 44% — and save over $100 million in operating costs.

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