Onix & Google Drive Healthcare Cloud Collaboration

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer, - Feb 12, 2019

Hurley Medical Center has embraced a new way of working through cloud collaboration, moving to a more streamlined, productive and paperless environment. Google and Onix were there for every step of this transformative journey.

Workplace Cloud Collaboration Drives Innovation, Efficiency

As our Flint, Michigan-based client quickly discovered, working in the cloud offered far more benefits than its legacy, on-prem solution in a health and life sciences setting. We deployed Google Cloud’s Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) productivity platform across the Hurley universe, moving the hospital from its existing, expensive enterprise agreement to a frictionless and more cost-effective way to work.

Google Cloud recently shared the story of Onix and Hurley Medical Center’s journey and how the partnership between our three organizations is helping the hospital to achieve an innovative and more efficient way to work by using cloud computing in healthcare.

Read on for a deeper look into this major transformation in the healthcare sector.

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Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

Robin Suttell, Content Marketer

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