NEWS: Cloud Billing Got Even Easier with OnSpend by Onix Updates

Posted by Ken Pascoe, Product Dev Technical Lead

May 19, 2020


Keeping track of your cloud usage and spend doesn’t have to be time-consuming. OnSpend by Onix simplifies these tasks and now is even better thanks to newly introduced features and improvements.

Managing your cloud billing account and project costs to ensure you stay on budget is crucial. Since its inception, OnSpend does all of this with its built-in intuitive dashboard for visualizing cost trends and providing behind-the-scenes monitoring and alerts.

What are the Latest OnSpend by Onix Updates?

OnSpend by Onix Updates informationOnix has added these new features and improvements to OnSpend to help you even better manage your cloud costs, save time and stay on budget. The latest OnSpend by Onix updates include these new and improved features:

Budget Milestones

Create and manage a budget plan with key milestones that allow you to track your Google Maps Platform or Google Cloud spend against important dates or costs during a specified budget period. OnSpend gives you the option to subscribe to budget milestone notifications for a billing account, project or resource group.

Invoiced Month Tracking

View and analyze spend by invoiced months in both custom export and automated report configurations.

Unexpected/Irregular Trend Monitoring (BETA)

This beta feature allows you to detect unexpected costs and spending trends in your accounts. OnSpend notifies you when these anomalies occur so you can identify the reason and take corrective action.

Google Cloud Invoice Analysis (BETA)

OnSpend’s other new beta feature helps you view and analyze your Google Cloud monthly billing statement. It delivers them automatically to your email inbox and provides both a summary of charges and gives you a link where you can view detailed spend data related to the invoice.

More Accessible Billing Export Data

You can now access your billing export table data in two ways, via the default BigQuery export table or an authorized view. This gives you expanded access controls when you’re adding new Google direct-billing accounts in OnSpend.

Improved Permission-Sharing Dialog

Updates to the permission-sharing dialog box now require you to confirm changes made to OnSpend resource permissions. You also can now make multiple changes without reopening the share dialog box.

Elevated User Permissions

If you move a resource or add a new resource group, users with higher-level access will automatically receive elevated permissions.

For a deeper look at the latest OnSpend by Onix updates, check out our full release notes and documentation.

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Ken Pascoe, Product Dev Technical Lead

Ken is responsible for building and developing the company's OnSpend cloud billing and budget management solution. He has nearly 10 years of full-stack software development experience and enjoys learning and applying new technologies.

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