White Paper Explores Product Development Inefficiencies

Posted by Onix Marketing Team, - Aug 31, 2015

LAKEWOOD, OH — Aug. 27, 2015 — A mere one in seven new product initiatives launch successfully according to Booz Allen Hamilton. A new white paper makes it clear that product development inefficiencies are disrupting manufacturers' success.

The white paper How Manufacturers Can Cut Waste and Improve Value In Product Development Processes provides insight into the cost of inaccessible data and how it affects the product development process resulting in:

  • Lower Productivity — A rise in non-value-added per unit costs due to productivity-draining manual searches.
  • Subpar Quality — Increased risk for quality problems and out-of-compliance complications.
  • Longer Work Cycles — Manufacturers miss first-to-market opportunities and customer requirements because information can't be found quickly.
  • Redundancies — A stealth cash drain caused by duplicated work and the proliferation of parts.

The white paper also examines how manufacturers using a search solution are finding data and winning in the marketplace resulting in:

  • Reducing engineer search time by more than 30%
  • Producing high-quality innovative products that sell
  • Delivering a net present value of more than $2 million
  • Returning $4 for every $1 invested.

"When searching for information, 44 percent of the time engineers can't find what they are looking for. This results in duplication of effort, costly reports, tests and products," noted Bryan McKay, manufacturing engagement manager for Onix. "Inaccessible data is costing manufacturers dearly in terms of time to market, quality and cost control. Our new white paper helps organizations understand how an enterprise search solution can help them find information to improve their product development processes and develop high quality, innovative products that sell."

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper How Manufacturers Can Cut Waste and Improve Value In Product Development Processes.

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