Natural Language Enterprise Search Improves Info Gathering

Posted by Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

May 20, 2020


Most organizations have some form of search platform at the office, and it’s something that you probably take for granted. You’re used to typing in a file name into a search bar and find it. And if you can’t, you just ask the person in the office next to you for help.

What if I told you there was a way to improve upon your enterprise search method? A tool that would surface the most relevant results, answer your questions and keep learning what you need every time you click on data it shares with you? Long used in web search engines, the power of natural language processing is now changing the way organizations find and reuse institutional knowledge. Natural language enterprise search, such as the new Amazon Kendra search platform, has upped the ante for enterprise search. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Enterprise Search Gets Smarter

It all comes down to machine learning. It’s helped enterprise search evolve and become smarter and more relevant. You typically would type in simple keywords to find what you’re looking for. Now, with some of the new search platforms, you can ask questions and the tool’s natural language processing capabilities will surface the most relevant results for your needs.

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Bryan McKay, Practice Lead - Enterprise Search in the Cloud PS Practice

Bryan leads Onix’s Enterprise Search practice, helping customers find what they are looking for faster. He implements enterprise search technology to help customers grow their business, leverage information in systems and silos across the organization, tap into the network of expertise in the organization to improve collaboration and innovation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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