Morning Motivation: How to Start Your Remote Work Day

Posted by Daisy Urfer, Director of Partner Alliance

Mar 26, 2020


Work life has changed a bit, hasn’t it? For most people, work has meant getting up, commuting in traffic and working at a bustling office. Right now, however, most of us are learning how to work remotely from home. It’s a different mindset.

Your first step to success is learning how to get a great start to your remote work day.

Plan a Great Start to Your Remote Work Day

Mornings are tough! No one likes the blaring alarm, and many of us are happy to hit snooze to get every moment of sleep possible. Break this habit. Now.

As you move to a remote work day versus one in an outside office, it’s tempting to sleep later, work in your pajamas and skip your morning workout, all in the name of more sleep. After all, it’s a benefit of remote work, right? Ummm, not exactly. Stop and think about the bigger picture.

When you don’t find time later in your day to shower, when you skip your workout and find yourself less productive (and maybe even feeling physically unwell), it can spiral into a daily occurrence. Don’t let that happen.

Here are some great working from home tips and tricks for starting your remote work day. Hint: You can even still enjoy an extra 30 minutes sleep now that you don't have a stressful commute.


Wake with an alarm.

If possible, set your morning coffee to brew automatically, too. That Folgers commercial wasn’t lying; that smell will truly wake and inspire you.

Don’t skip your workout!

If you normally work out in the morning, stick with it. Your body will feel better throughout the day, and you’ll thank yourself later. Staying active is important for so many reasons.

Follow your regular morning routine.

Treat each weekday morning like it’s a normal day and you're heading to the office. You still need to look the part for those video calls. It's okay to embrace yoga pants and sweats and still have freshly washed hair! You’ll feel better and more productive if you aren’t in your PJs.

Eat breakfast and plan for lunch.

You may not have to pack your lunch now, but you still need to stay healthy. Avoid unhealthy choices later in the day by planning now. Think about healthy snacks and add those to your plan, too.

Put your former commute time to good use.

You aren't sitting in traffic, so now you have time to create a new positive habit. Weather permitting, head outside and read a book, do a devotional, journal, meditate, or for parents, make a family to-do list for the week and update it daily.

Log-in and say hi to a friend.

Most of you are used to those coffee chats in the kitchen as everyone is brewing a cup to start your day. Leave the first five minutes of your morning open and dive in by starting a chat with your office friends. Send a morning greeting with a GIF or emoji to greet them before opening your inbox and getting pulled into the day. I promise your email will still be there! This is a great way to avoid remote worker FOMO (fear of missing out).

Here’s something else that’s important to remember: Just as you are learning how to get up and start a remote work day by commuting to another room in your house, your managers and company executives are trying to figure how to do it, too. Chances are they’re not just learning how to work from home themselves but also how to effectively manage a remote team.

There’s a learning curve for everyone right now, and we’re all discovering a new way to work from anywhere... in most cases, from home.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips about making your home office experience and your remote work day a success.

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Daisy Urfer, Director of Partner Alliance

Daisy has nearly 10 years of experience specializing in Channel Partner Relations and solving business problems thru AI and Cloud technology solutions. She specializes in the utilization of Value Added Partner resources to drive success for organizations across North America. In her free time, she can be found exploring the outdoors with her family or enjoying a cup of coffee in the local shops.

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