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See the LOL With Onix Cartoon Caption Winner: Oct. 2015

Posted by Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications on Dec 3, 2015

Congratulations to Susan Bushman from Nekoosa, WI who submitted the winning caption to the October 2015 LOL with Onix cartoon! Who doesn't love a good monkey cartoon, right? See her winning caption as well as other submissions.

LOL with Onix monkey using map

"I said Location Intelligence is the new MONIKER....not new MONKEY!"

Other Submissions:

  • "Quit 'monkeying around' and visualize your data with Google Maps!" - Derek Imes, Lakewood, OH
  • "I've got to geo-locate that last banana!" - Patrick McGovern, Lakewood, OH
  • "I hope our ARCgis administrator returns from vacation soon, trying to configure my own ESRI maps is making a chimp out of me." - Dal Vandervort, North Ridgeville, OH
  • "Mapping is made so easy with the Google Maps and CMaps solution -- a monkey can do it!" - Christina Thomas, Lakewood, OH
  • "Data analysis using spreadsheets alone can be a gorilla of a job, but not if you view it on a map for key insights." - Derek Imes, Lakewood, OH
  • "I go ape for Google Maps!" - Patrick McGovern, Lakewood, OH
  • "Stop the 'monkey business' of playing around and trying to analyze lines and lines of spreadsheet data. Visualize that location data for a quick turnaround with Google Maps and CMaps Analytics." - Derek Imes, Lakewood, OH  


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Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen joined Onix’s marketing team in 2011. She has 20 years of marketing and communications experience across a range of industries. She holds an Inbound Certification from HubSpot, and uses her skills to attract and convert website visitors, to close leads and to delight customers.