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See the LOL with Onix Cartoon Caption Winner: April 2018

Posted by Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications on Apr 2, 2018

Congratulations to Errol Sigler from Portland, OR for submitting the winning caption to the April 2018 LOL with Onix cartoon. Errol played, won and received bragging rights among peers! Witness his creativity as well as others’ captions now.

LOL with Onix April 2018

"You have the "leg" part right, but try not standing so close to the tree."
- Errol Sigler, Portland, OR


Other submissions:

  • "Well, that's another tree you've ruined for me!" - Larry Rozman, Lakewood, OH
  • "I told you Bob, I'm not Bluetooth or wifi enabled and therefore cannot get the Google Maps instructions... see what happens." - Daniel Lortie, Montreal, Quebec
  • "Multitasking is one thing... Words with friends and trying to catch Pokémon while walking the dog is something entirely different!" - Jose Pagan, Lakewood, OH
  • "Seriously, Matt? We walk this path every day." - Megan Hines, Columbus, OH
  • "Would you stop looking at ESPN already! I told you the Cavs won last night." - Tim Sharpe, Sheffield, OH

Click here to see the Winners' Gallery.

Click here to see the current LOL with Onix cartoon.

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Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen Masuga, Marketing Communications

Karen joined Onix’s marketing team in 2011. She has 20 years of marketing and communications experience across a range of industries. She holds an Inbound Certification from HubSpot, and uses her skills to attract and convert website visitors, to close leads and to delight customers.