Is Your Organization Prepared for a Data Disaster and Recovery?

Posted by Melanie Sklarz, Content Marketer

Feb 25, 2019


Hardware failure is the leading cause of data loss leading to unplanned downtime. This can cost over $1 million per hour and take days or even weeks to remedy, causing significant loss of time. Keep your vital information protected.Your organizational growth and success depends on the ability to have secure and accessible data. Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, cloud backup and disaster recovery is a necessity.

Dive into what you need to do ahead of time to be prepared when you do face a data disaster. This interactive and informational recorded webinar covers all of the crucial steps you should take to ensure you always have data accessibility. 

During the webinar, you’ll...

  • Find out how a managed cloud backup and disaster recovery solution can help your company reduce costs, enhance security and free up your IT staff for more important initiatives.
  • Learn how to create a disaster recovery plan that is safer, more cost-effective and with less downtime.
  • Have your backup and disaster recovery questions answered by our cloud expert.

Download the webinar today.

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Melanie Sklarz, Content Marketer

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