Introducing the Onix 2020 Top 10 Cloud Blogs

Posted by Robin Suttell, Content Marketer, - Dec 29, 2020

2020 wasn’t the year anyone expected, but it was the year we got. As we all learned to pivot and go with the flow, we tried different ways of working and connecting. The cloud played an integral part in this transformation.

From Kubernetes to cloud infrastructure, videoconferencing to collaboration, Onix Insights readers sought vital information about life in the cloud in this new now, a work world that has focused on remote work, secure computing and keeping in touch from a distance. It all focuses on being able to pivot in our changing work environment.

Here’s a look at our Top 10 blogs as of December 2020. Perhaps you were one of the many visitors who read them to learn more about Cloud Migration 101, or maybe you’re about to click through and discover more about better cloud computing and making a cloud digital transformation.

Either way, we’re glad you took the time to stop by and discover more about what the cloud has to offer, from managing a remote team to learning more about DevOps to exploring cloud architecture and more. These blogs just might inspire you and help you build your 2021 business resolutions.

  1. How to Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Exam
    Onix’s Joe Langley shares tips and tricks for preparing to take the AWS Solutions Architect exam.
  2. Best Practices: How to Use Google Meet for Remote Working
    Learn how to most effectively use Google Meet as a vital remote working tool.
  3. Kubernetes 101: What are Nodes and Clusters?
    Take a look at the hardware elements of a Kubernetes environment.
  4. GCP 101: An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
    The first in series, this blog gives you an overview of the Google Cloud.
  5. GCP 101: Building a Data Pipeline in Google Cloud Platform
    Learn tips and tricks for making the most of your data in the Google Cloud.
  6. AWS 101: An Introduction to Modern Cloud Computing
    Explore the benefits of taking a cloud journey with Amazon Web Services.
  7. Collaboration Comparison: Google Workspace vs. Microsoft Office
    Which productivity suite is right for you? We compare Google Workspace and MS Office so you don’t have to.
  8. AWS 101: How Does Amazon EC2 Work in Cloud Computing?
    Make your cloud more elastic with Amazon EC2.
  9. Working Remotely? Get Started Using Google Meet
    Simplify your video meetings in the remote work era with Google Meet.
  10. Kubernetes 101: What It Is and Why Apps Need It
    Kubernetes is more than containers. Learn how it works and why it’s important.

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