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INFOGRAPHIC! Discover Easy and Powerful Digital Signage

Posted by Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices on Mar 30, 2015

Digital Sign ExampleChances are, you’ve heard of some of the incredible benefits of digital signage. The opportunity to increase sales, improve workplace safety and inspire disengaged employees through electronic signs can ultimately boost your bottom line.

However, many companies find that digital signage technologies are low-cost with limited functionality so many opt to build their own proprietary systems and platforms, which become very labor intensive and expensive.

Whether you’re already using digital signs or in the research phase, you’ll be glad to know that Google and Onix have teamed up to offer a new, game-changing solution. For the first time, deploying digital signs even on a large scale is practical and turnkey, helping companies achieve great things cost-effectively including:

  • Increase safety, saving companies on average $78,000 per avoided injury
  • Inspire disengaged employees, who account for 70% of the workforce
  • Drive an additional 70% of at-retail sales
  • Offer a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness
  • Generate 32.8% growth in repeat buyers
  • Create a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volume
  • Immediately increase employee productivity 10.3%

Read the infographic below or view it at full size and discover how Google and Onix are changing the digital signage game.

The Digital Signage Game Changer Infographic

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Easy, Cost Effective and Powerful Digital Signs for Your Organization.

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Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome & Devices

Since 2008, Steve has been on the forefront of the transition to cloud-based services. He has helped companies like Whirlpool, Lexmark, Fujifilm America, Celestica, The New York Times, and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation make the transition to Google’s cloud-based services. Steve spent six years in the Navy, where he got his start in computers. During his service, he visited Japan, Thailand, Bali, Austrailia, Hong Kong, and more.