How to Avoid Google Maps Platform Billing Surprises

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Sr. Marketing Manager, - Nov 12, 2019

If you aren’t vigilant about tracking your usage and spend for Google Maps Platform, you could be in for a big surprise when you get an invoice. In 2018, Google Cloud announced it was changing the way it bills enterprise users for its location-based services.

Google Maps Platform now offers single-pricing, pay-as-you-go billing that includes free support. Google Cloud eliminated the previous “standard” and “premium” levels for maps billing.

Users now get a “free tier” with a $200 monthly credit. This tier typically covers usage needs for about 98% of Maps customers. Pricing also scales with users as their usage spikes or business grows. The question is how do you keep track of this each month. It's a challenge for Maps-using organizations of all sizes. 

Tracking Google Maps Platform Usage and Spend

With this new billing approach, it’s important to know how much you are using and spending, both on a monthly basis and from a high-level, historical vantage point. You need to know what sort of usage trends your organization has and how much you can expect a monthly bill to be. We've simplilfied that for you.

OnSpend by Onix™ takes the guesswork out of cloud billing and budget management, giving you targeted information about how you use these location-based services. It also helps you avoid Google Maps Platform billing surprises. Nothing's worse than losing track of your Maps usage on the new pay-as-you-go plan only to get a massive bill you weren't expecting at the end the cycle.

Check out this handy, at-a-glance guide to see how you can avoid surprises with your Google Maps Platform billing. There’s no reason to keep fearing those invoices when you deploy a versatile too like this to support your Maps usage.

Maps_OnSpend Infographic (1)

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How to Avoid Google Maps Platform Billing Surprises

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