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How the Cloud is Greater Than the Hard Drive

Posted by George Reed, Support Engineer on Oct 27, 2014

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By next year, the internet will connect more than 2.5 billion people and 15 billion devices. That’s almost three devices per person. Hosting that data is a money pit. And if your servers go down, your backups better be up to date and intact.

Enter Google Apps Unlimited.

Across the board, Google App users report that it’s invaluable to have the ability to edit and review documents and spreadsheets while on the move. And, if colleagues need input on their work, it is extremely empowering and comforting for these employees to know they have several options to communicate despite their location such as email, Hangouts, or the use of real-time collaboration within the document itself. Also, if employees need to work out of multiple site locations, it’s convenient that their data follows them and can be accessed with only a web browser or use of an app with their device(s).

Have you ever edited a document with many changes and all of a sudden, poof! Your laptop is dead in the water. If you’re lucky enough to recover the document, all of your work won’t be there. One of several key advantages of Google Apps is that your work is saved in the cloud in real time without having to worry about it being on a hard drive.

Office 365 is tied to several system requirements, one of which is your operating system. You have to be on the newest-1 version of Windows. If you’re running Windows XP in your environment, imagine the cost of upgrading your fleet. With Google Apps, you only need the most current version of Chrome. This includes for use on XP. Google’s transparency as far a outages go (yes, everyone has them now and again) is one of the best in the industry. Google's dashboard proactively provides reports on the status of our system. For Office 365, you have to go to their Twitter feed for updates.

Onix has experience in Google Apps migration, implementation, and training for enterprise, education and government organizations. We can ensure successful transitions for anyone from small businesses to complex environments involving challenging network systems for large organizations. Not to mention the best Google Apps support team in the land.

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George Reed, Support Engineer

George Reed, Support Engineer

George is a G Suite Support Engineer at Onix. George has been working with G Suite for nine years and uses his knowledge to offer enterprise organizations best practice strategies and solutions.