Here’s Why You Need Cloud-Based, On-Site Search Today

Posted by Daisy Urfer, Director of Partner Alliance

Oct 01, 2019


It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) drives website traffic. But did you know that your on-page internet site search can play an important role in converting those eyeballs into revenue and satisfied customers? Here’s why.

The deeper your content and product catalog are, the less likely your customers will quickly find what they need on your site. They’ll get frustrated, hit the back button — and go find another site with better search capabilities.

This probably means you’ll lose not only a potential customer and sale, but that your site is sending signals back to the search engines telling them your content isn’t relevant to that search.

It’s a bad scene all around. However, there is a solution; improved, cloud-based on-page internet site search capabilities that move beyond out-of-the-box solutions to deliver robust search performance that’s on-target for commercial websites.

Your on-page internet site search is the lifeblood of your online revenue strategy. It also drives customer satisfaction and retention. Here are the top reasons you should consider upgrading your search tool to a platform-as-a-service solution running on a trusted cloud infrastructure.

Optimizing Your Visibility

You can build a great looking website, but without powerful tools that help you get noticed by search engines, it could just sit there, untouched, just like a beautiful deserted island.

Site speed is an important factor in SEO, and so is customer experience. Your customers need to find their answers quickly to stay on the page — and follow your purchase funnel.

You’ll also want to be able to access the data you need to continually optimize your site, whether it’s the ability to run an A/B test or find a disconnect between queries and content.

Be sure to select a cloud-based, on-site search tool with the ability to help you build search engine visibility and allow you to make sure your site is always optimized. This way, potential customers can find you on the internet, come to your site — and then be able to find the products they need with a simple search on the site.

Understanding Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Wouldn’t it be great to have better insight into what’s on your customers’ minds when they start searching your online product catalog and content?

Good search analytics allow you to determine if your customers are searching for products you don’t currently carry, or if they are asking questions your content doesn’t answer. This intelligence will allow you to better optimize your site for revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

This intelligence will also help you capture and aggregate signals such as queries, clicks and cart behavior in real-time, allowing each customer to have a refined, personalized search and buying experience tailored to its unique needs.

Don’t undercut your cloud-based, on-site search power. Opt for a tool that lets you see the actual path your customers are taking — from awareness to purchase. This important data will allow you to optimize your site and take advantage of actual purchasing behavior.

Closing the Sales Loop

We’ve already discussed the fact that clients won’t stay on a website where they can’t get the information they need. It’s worth repeating because it’s important to always remember this.

When customers receive inferior search results, they won’t try to dig deeper on your site. They don’t have time for that. They’ll check out what your competitor has to offer. If that competitor has an easily searchable site, another company will likely get the sale instead of your company.

In fact, according to Moz, customers that successfully use on-site search to find what they are looking for are twice as likely to convert to a sale.

What’s more, even if customers stay on your site, they’re used to having search mechanisms do the heavy lifting for them by automatically suggesting good matches. Make sure your tool has a built-in auto-suggest feature to give them the experience they are looking for when they first come to your website.

Cloud-Based, On-Site Search at Your Fingertips

Here at Onix, we’ve teamed up with our partner Lucidworks to offer a cloud-based, on-site search tool that delivers all of the above.

Launched in September, FusionReady by Onix is a scalable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of Lucidworks’ Fusion platform, known for turning siloed data into personalized experiences and making it cloud-ready for easy deployment and implementation by Onix. This PaaS search solution incorporates easily into your Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to deliver secure, reliable and relevant results.

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Daisy Urfer, Director of Partner Alliance

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