Enterprise Guide to Deploying Google Workspace in 90 Days or Less

Posted by David Marlin, Sr. Project Manager

Oct 04, 2021


Deploying Google Workspace in your organization may sound overwhelming and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with a cloud solutions provider like Onix, we can support your organization as you seamlessly adopt Google Workspace in 90 days or less to elevate your organization with innovation, collaboration, safety, and more. 

See how the University of Notre Dame migrated more than 15,000 accounts
to Workspace with the help of Onix!

With Google Workspace, you’ll be able to create an elaborate, yet user-friendly environment for collaboration, elevate productivity, improve security, and more within your organization. In addition, Google Workspace is certified in the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, and FedRAMP, to protect you and your clients. Ready to get started? 

Migrating to Google Workspace in 3 Phases

Each of our packages are designed to get your organization up and running with Google Workspace quickly and efficiently. Our expert deployment services and high-quality support ensure a smooth experience. 

Here are the 3 phases we’ll walk you through while we help you transition your entire organization: 

Phase 1

Phase 1 takes place in the first 30 days. This phase is about establishing Google Workspace and taking a look at how your organization is going to function with the new system. 

You’ll be able to see how your team will seamlessly communicate, access their important information, create documents, manage the system, and so much more — all from one location. 

We’ll work with your organization to determine who should be in the first round of implementation. Typically, this will be the project team and/or the IT department, as they are collaborating with each other to create and finalize deliverables. Our team of certified Workspace deployment specialists are committed to customer success and will work with your team to ensure your goals are met. 

In these first 30 days, we’ll help you and your team understand how your organization can smoothly integrate this cloud solution into your workday. 

Phase 2 

Phase 2 takes place from days 31 to 60. Within this timeframe, we’ll find 5 to 10% of people in the organization who are excited about the new cloud solution.

These early adopters are employees who enjoy new technology, embrace change, and are willing to help others when the entire company has implemented Google Workspace. Some of these users may even be familiar with the system you’ll be using, which means they’ll be able to provide additional support. 

We’ll ensure they’re comfortable with the new Google Enterprise tools, answer any questions they may have, and ensure everyone is ready for the next phase to begin. 

Phase 3 

To close out the Google Workspace implementation process, Phase 3 runs from days 61 to 90. 

In this phase, we’ll involve the entire organization. We’ll work together to ensure everyone is in the Google Workspace and able to collaborate with their team members. At this point, everyone on your team will be able to see and utilize the flexible, helpful, simple, and compliant tools that are featured in this cloud solution. 

When the new users have simple or common issues, this is where your early adopters from Phase 2 will come in. You may want to name a point of contact in each team so other employees know who they can speak to for assistance. 

Once this step is complete, congratulations — you’ve fully adopted Google Workspace within your organization! 

What happens next? 

Now that your organization has adopted Google Workspace as their main hub, you’ll be able to see the full effects in action. In addition to cutting expenses, you’ll be able to see how Google Workspace promotes innovation, collaboration, and safety

But you’re not alone by any means — we’re still here to provide you and your team with support. 

As questions arise, we’re here to provide relevant and timely information for your organization. We’re also happy to host workshops, labs, and other training sessions to help your team get the most out of their new cloud solution. 

Ready to get started? We’re here to help. With a number of packages — including an Adapting to Remote Work session and a Full Google Workspace Platform — for every business, we’re ready to get your team started on a quick, seamless route to Google Workspace.


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David Marlin, Sr. Project Manager

David is a Senior Project Manager and Team Lead at Onix. He has 25 years of experience within IT in positions of System Administration, Senior Consulting, Project Management and IT leadership with 9 years of PM experience in cloud solutions. He has worked heavily in portfolio/project management, change management, consulting, and business strategy across multiple streams of business.

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