Got Business Resolutions? Here’s Cloud-First Inspiration

Posted by Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Dec 18, 2019


‘Tis the season to for resolutions. Losing weight. Exercising more. Reading more books. You know the drill. But what about business resolutions? Those count! Here’s inspiration from the Onix team to get you thinking cloud-first in 2020.

Banks Jes 18 blogGet Off to a Solid Start 

Considering a move to the cloud in 2020? Make (and follow) these resolutions for success when you’re migrating to the cloud:

  1. Inventory everything and UPDATE as much as possible before the move
  2. Clean up old data in databases and move unused data/files to storage
  3. Find a trusted partner to join you on your cloud journey (like Onix!)

- Jes Banks, Technical Projects Manager


Don't Overthink Things 

My recommended cloud-first resolutions for 2020 are simple:

  1. Think outside the box
  2. Don’t be afraid to scale
  3. Train your employees

- Rodney Dore, Senior Cloud Services Manager

Igleheart Mat 18Planning Your Cloud Strategy Doesn't Happen by Accident 

Planning is key to your cloud strategy. You have to have a plan for your...

  1. Cloud migration
  2. Refactoring of your apps in the cloud
  3. Implementation of your cloud security environment

- Mathew Igleheart, Cloud Architect 

Derek Imes 2Put a Location Services Strategy in Place 

Develop and put a location services strategy in place. Here’s why…

  1. According to Forbes, 90% of the data in the world was created in the last two years. And the majority of the data in the world already has or will have a location component.
  2. One in five searches on has a location component.
  3. Today, there are 23 billion IoT connected devices worldwide; by 2025, there will be 75 billion of them. That’s, an increase in 52 billion devices, all with a location! To put this in context, that’s an average of almost 6 internet-connected devices for every person on the planet. All of them using location data.

- Derek Imes, Head of Location Services

Solange Jacob blog 18Understand the "People" Side of Change Management 

Resolve to understand the “people” side of change and explore change management strategies.

Change management ensures your cloud-first journey is a complete success. Don’t forget these three essentials in 2020:

  1. Strong sponsorship is key
  2. Communicate early and often (seven times/seven different ways)
  3. Train your users to use the new tools and transform their current workflows and processes

This ensures greater adoption and return on investment of the new IT cloud tools you’re introducing into your organization.

- Solange Jacob, Cloud Services Manager

Tim MillikinMake Promises You'll Keep

Think of resolutions as promises. Here some great ones to make for 2020:

  1. I promise to keep my security and networking teams involved when I migrate to my cloud provider.
  2. I promise to plan 3-6 months prior to migrating my entire data center because this will minimize the team's stress levels and keep the company happy with a successful project
  3. I promise to understand fully the shared responsibility of my cloud provider. The cloud is not secure if I allow everybody all access to my sensitive instances and data.

- Tim Millikin, DevOps Engineer

Kevin Verde 19Follow Cloud Best Practices 

Resolve to have cloud success in the new year by following these best practices:

  1. My continuity plan will be rock solid and cloud-based.
  2. I will no longer worry about my cloud backup and disaster recovery plan!
  3. The executive team at my company will have access to accurate data and reporting in a timely manner powered by the cloud.
  4. My teams will collaborate better by using cloud-based, access-anywhere cloud tools that are always up-to-date!

- Kevin Verde, Partner Manager & Cloud Evangelist

Ready for a cloud-first 2020? We can help you start a cloud computing revolution and put your New Year's resolutions into action. 

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Carly Sumlin, Marketing Director

Carly joined the Onix marketing team in 2013. She is the Marketing Director with a growing team of talented marketers focused on cloud solutions.

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