Why You Should Invest in a Google Workspace Intranet

Posted by Melanie Sklarz, Content Marketer

May 27, 2021


As employees become physically dispersed working in offices or at home, they need a way to stay in touch and connected with colleagues. That’s where an intranet comes in.

An intranet is a communication and collaboration tool that connects employees wherever they work. It allows them to stay connected to the organization and efficiently complete their tasks. It’s useful no matter the size of the organization.

What is a Google Workspace Intranet?

Google Workspace, or the suite of apps that it runs, is a cloud-based solution to keep employees collaborating no matter where they are. Google Workspace provides an integrated platform to better manage work. AI and advanced search technology save time. Finally, it’s a flexible solution that can be used anywhere and on any device - even offline.

Chosen by millions of companies and loved by even more users, Workspace combined with the LumApps portal creates an effective intranet. LumApps is the only recommended intranet by Google. A Google Workspace intranet is adaptable and grows with your organization no matter if you have 15 or 1500+ employees.

If you are considering adding an intranet to your organization and are unsure how to get started, here are the top reasons to adopt a Google Workspace intranet powered by LumApps.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Google Workspace Intranet

1. Improves Collaboration Between Employees

In the last year, work has changed. Now, some employees are still working remotely while others have returned to the office. A digital workplace can make sure everyone is still communicating and collaborating.

A cloud-based solution like Google Workspace combined with LumApps provides users access to the tools they need to succeed wherever they are. It’s easy to set up and even easier to navigate, so no time is lost getting work done.

2. Allows for Single Sign-On Access

mobile intranet at workThe Google interface is likely a familiar one to your users. Most people have a Gmail account, worked in Drive or been sent a Calendar invite.

The advantage of Google Workspace is that there is a single sign-in to access all of the tools. Once an intranet is attached to it, your employees will easily be able to use the same login to begin collaborating together.

3. Provides a Secure Portal

Want your intranet to be private? By integrating with Google, you can decide what type of access your users will have. While the single sign-on makes it easy for users, the system remains secure.

You have the ability to decide and assign what roles your users will have. Not all users need to have the same permissions. Some users may be authors/owners of documents, but others will only be allowed to edit them. You can designate other users to be able only to view documents. This will give you the final authority on what can be changed and updated and what can not.

4. Improves Internal Communication

Close up Two Happy Young Businesswomen at the Office Talking About Business Report on Paper.Google Workplace includes all the tools that employees need to stay productive and work together. The integrated platform gives them the opportunity to effortlessly communicate and collaborate whether they are in Gmail, Google Docs or Google Meet.

An added bonus of attaching an intranet to Google Workspace is access to forms that employees can use and easily forward to departments or individuals for approval. The requests can include time off, supplies and training sign-ups.

5. Simplifies Corporate Communication

Communicating can be a challenge when employees don’t work in the same location. An intranet makes it easier for top leadership to announce the latest company news and ensure that all employees receive the information at the same time.

Executives can directly communicate with employees, and since information should flow freely in both directions, employees can comment on announcements. Giving everyone a voice empowers and encourages employees. A Google Workspace intranet does just that.

6. Increases Overall Productivity

casual woman working on a laptop in a parkGoogle Workspace continues to integrate its apps. This means that users can not only edit and collaborate on documents at the same time, but they can also do it directly from Gmail, increasing productivity without having to switch tabs or open another file.

Team members can update and edit documents in real time. There’s no need to save and send another doc in Google Workspace. Adding an intranet, employees can still stay on the same platform to access useful information and communicate with one another.

7. Easy to Use and Maintain

Managing the company’s intranet might feel like another burden for employees if they have to learn additional technology. It can seem like another complicated task to add to their daily list.

Fortunately, a Google Workspace intranet is simple to use. If they have experience with word processing then they can add content to the intranet without having to learn a complex coding language like HTML.

8. Delivers Exceptional User Experience

The best user experience is clean and easy to navigate no matter what device you are using. The last thing you want is employees spending too much time looking for what they want or not knowing how to complete basic tasks.

That’s why an intranet that is easy to navigate and makes finding company news and relevant documents a pleasant experience keeps information flowing.

9. Fits Your Company’s Brand

Confident female designer working on a digital tablet in red creative office spaceNo one wants a generic company intranet. Your brand is important for a reason. Your intranet should provide a consistent experience for employees and look like your website and social media.

Creating a custom internet with your organization’s logo and colors gives your users a sense of continuity and reinforces your brand for further employee engagement.

10. Maximizes Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Once you choose to invest in Google Workspace, integrating an intranet only increases your investment because you don’t have to purchase two separate platforms, which can become costly to set up and maintain.

This cost-effective solution also increases employee productivity, positively impacting your bottom line over time.

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