Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Hybrid Work Model

Posted by John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services

Dec 14, 2022


As of this year, 26% of employees work remotely and 16% of companies in the U.S. are fully remote. By 2023, it’s projected that 25% of high paying jobs will be fully remote. We now live in a world where a hybrid work model that supports remote work is standard, and a cloud platform that streamlines and simplifies task management is needed for the digital expansion of companies.

Google Workspace has evolved the modern business landscape with its advanced capabilities, connecting organizations from anywhere and empowering them to do their tasks at the most optimal rate.

There are a lot of benefits of Google Workspace that can help your employees with daily tasks, regardless of their location. We’ll go over these benefits and show you how Google Workspace can maximize efficiency and return on investment of your business operations.


What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace consists of cloud-computing software with a blend of production and collaboration tools and apps to optimize business operations. Gmail, Google Calendar, Meet and Chat are all features that Workplace offers.

Google Workplace brings the office to employees no matter their location. It gives users quick ways to communicate and share projects or reports. It also improves Google products you already use in your operations, making it a great option for hybrid work models.

Legacy vs. Cloud Collaboration

Many companies continue to use legacy systems for most of, if not all of their operations. A legacy productivity suite prevents optimal collaboration and doesn’t keep up with today’s business needs.

Cloud software works with you, not against your ever-evolving needs. For example, with a legacy system, if a file is only located on one device, how can you expect to collaborate on projects without getting in each other’s way? With cloud collaboration tools, like the ones Google Workspace uses, remote work and expanding enterprises are accounted for with their features and benefits


Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Business

Here are three benefits of Google Workspace to help your company with its operations:

1. Collaboration

Google Workspace provides easy-to-use apps and features to collaborate with your team, such as:

  • Docs. Allows your team to create and edit reports, proposals, notes and more in real time through your browser. No extra software is necessary.
  • Sheets. Enables you to take important data, like revenue or budgets, and organize them into spreadsheets for easy project collaboration.
  • Slides. A presentation format that allows you to chat and edit in real time with others. Google Slides offers many templates to choose from to customize your presentation in a variety of ways.
  • Chat. Securely chat and share files with each other, all in one location. Maximize the experience with help from Google’s bots and smart suggestions for efficient communication.
  • Meet. Those with a Google account start with the ability to host hour-long video conferences for up to 100 people to help unite your team, no matter their location.

Google Workspace’s features are also protected with one of the most advanced global security systems to help keep your data safe and allow you to focus on your operations without concern.

2. User-friendly

Since Google Workspace can be integrated and learned quickly, your company can save time and money that would potentially be spent on an overcomplicated system, which would result in a negative return on investment. 

Gmail is a popular app already used by many companies and is used by over a billion people worldwide each month. This makes the transition from legacy platforms to Workspace that much easier to learn and integrate.

3. Scalability

Google Workspace offers flexible scaling for companies of all sizes and accounts for growth over time.

Depending on your cloud data storage needs, Workspace can scale up or down to help you with resource management as your company expands. Additionally, Workspace offers three membership tiers, each one designed for different sizes of enterprises.


How To Get Started With Google Workspace

If your company is looking for a way to connect your remote workers, streamline communication and boost productivity, Google Workspace offers the most advanced features to help you achieve that.

Check out our in-depth guide on Google Workspace for Business and how your organization can take advantage of all the features that can streamline your operations.

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John Lawler, Director of Cloud Professional Services

John oversees all deployments of Google Workspace and Chrome and post-deployment services that help customers see the value in the entire Google platform. He has been helping organizations go Google since 2009.

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