4 Reasons to Choose Google Voice for Your Business

Posted by Nicole Rastall, Solutions Engineer

Nov 09, 2021


Missed calls could be missed opportunities for your business. However, tools like Google Voice can help you answer all of your calls, create incredible customer experiences, and improve your organization. 

Google Voice is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution that helps your team work from anywhere in the world and remain connected with their team, clients and partners, while reducing the overhead associated with system administration.

How Does Google Voice Work? 

In 2019, Google released Google Voice as a feature of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). It’s a tool that benefits remote employees across the globe as many organizations adjust as the way we “go to work” rapidly changes.

Built with a similar feel to other Google products, Google Voice is user-friendly and easy to integrate into your company’s day-to-day processes. It allows your team to make or receive calls from any device, anywhere in the world. 

For after-hours calls, it immediately transcribes voicemail messages and logs calls so your team knows where to pick up the next morning.

By using integrations with other Google Workspace products and third-party tools, along with advanced AI, Google Voice delivers context to calling so that users can manage their time on calls more effectively. 

Administrators can even set up users, just like is possible in Google Workspace. This means spending less time provisioning numbers, managing on-premise systems, and dealing with multiple service providers. 

4 Ways Google Voice Can Benefit Your Business

Work can happen anywhere, so it’s important that your team’s phone call system can be used anywhere. Our work lives are becoming more mobile and flexible — shouldn’t our business calls, too? 

1. Flexible Desking

Google Voice allows your business phone number to ring on any device, supporting a truly deskless workforce experience. 

No matter where your employees are, Google Voice allows your team to communicate more effectively with each other and with your customers. 

2. No Contracts

Cell phone plans can be expensive for businesses, particularly when these plans come with multi-year contracts, extra fees, and may not have the ability to add work-from-home tools. 

Google Voice takes away those hassles by featuring what you need for success.  With low monthly fee options, no long-term contracts, and flexibility for what you need, you can use Google Voice in the way that works best for your business, all without increasing your budget.

3. Calendar Coordination for Work-Life Balance

To ensure your employees are maintaining work-life balance, you can ensure employees set office hours on their Google Calendars so work phone calls do not interrupt them outside of working hours. 

With flexible functionality, you can optimize your calls for any situation. For example, if your team is ending work at noon on Friday, simply set your out-of-office message and automatically enjoy privacy from work phone calls. 

4. Powerful Auto Attendant Features

If you have a number or multiple numbers that need to play a message when it rings, Google Voice’s Auto Attendant provides an efficient solution. The speech-to-text engine is built into Google Voice and can speak your announcements in 10 language options. 

Simply type out the message you would like your callers to hear and hit the preview button. If the message works for you, publish the Auto Attendant and it goes live to the world. 

Calls can be routed to Google Voice numbers or routed off-network to your other business phone numbers, such as a call center lead’s number or a cell phone used for urgent support requests. You also have the ability to play a different message based on the date or time of day, so you are always presenting a relevant message in a professional voice to your callers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Voice

Question: It’s a different number than my work number. How will I remember it?

Answer: Think of it like a work cell phone! You can easily add a Google Voice number in your email signature or provide the number to people who need to reach you.

Question: Could I have my desk phone and my Google Voice number be the same?

Answer: Yes, you can work with your company’s administrator to port your number to Google Voice. But please remember it will take time — a minimum of two weeks — for this to happen. 

Question: Could all my numbers move to Google Voice and replace my phone system?

Answer: Yes, it could, but it cannot replace a call center. It is here to provide a simple and scalable solution to your business.

Discover the Power of Google Workspace

If you’re ready for a better way to work, Google Workspace is here to help. 

Get started today improving team collaboration and productivity, eliminating licensing fees from legacy software, and more by moving to the cloud with Google Workspace changes the way your organization works.


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Nicole Rastall, Solutions Engineer

Nicole has many years of experience supporting telecom and video environments for businesses. She is a Google Certified Solutions Engineer and a Certified Slack Administrator. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys spending time camping and hiking with her family.

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