Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity with Google Sites

Posted by Giani Mihalek, Collaboration Solutions Marketing Manager

May 10, 2022


Is your business ready to push the boundaries of creativity despite the challenges that come with change?

The last couple of years have proven difficult for organizations, but there are ways to maintain connections throughout your organization. One tool that many businesses already have access to — but may not utilize to its full potential — is Google Sites.

Below, we’ll discuss Google Sites and unique ways the platform can benefit your business. 

What Is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a tool included in Google Workspace, along with Gmail, Google Meet, and more. It allows you to create dynamic web pages for document libraries, teams, projects, and more without the need for HTML or coding.

This easy-to-use platform works similarly to Google’s other products, making it convenient to create and maintain projects. In addition, if you use Google Workspace, you already have Google Sites at your disposal. 

Interesting Ways You Can Utilize Google Sites


Events, even for enterprise organizations, are possible on Google Sites. This can be a cost-effective way to create and host a virtual event that’s still collaborative for your team. 

Many organizations have shifted from in-person to virtual events over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. Additionally, there may be a number of benefits, such as a larger audience and lower costs to host events, that could make this feature a great option in general. 

Some organizations have utilized Google Sites, part of their Google Workspace, to carry out these events. Whether you utilize a template or completely customize the event pages yourself, you can create an event that brings your entire organization together. 

Help Centers

One of the templates that Google released during a 2020 update included a Help Center template. This can be an effective tool for a number of different situations, including: 

  • Onboarding new employees. 
  • Providing a centralized location for frequently-accessed information. 
  • Training employees for new processes.

As Google explains it, “Help users learn how to use new tools and resources, for example, tools to enable a remote workforce or remote learning for students.” 


Your organization needs a way to connect on a daily basis, which is possible through Google Sites. You can also integrate other Google applications such as calendars, important documents, and more within the pages. You're also able to provide specific access to certain sites to ensure that each team has access to the information they need. 

Plus, Google Sites are easy to customize and edit, making it simple to make any changes to your intranet. 

How Onix Can Utilize Google Sites 

By working with a Google Partner like Onix, we can find and help you implement what’s most important for your organization when it comes to workplace productivity tools, including cost savings, collaboration, security, or something else. 

Below are two examples of organizations that have worked with Onix to create incredible events through Google Sites. 


Global Manufacturer

A global manufacturer has utilized Google Sites to hold its annual sales convention for the last two years. With 500 to 700 salespeople at their company, this is a great example of how even enterprise organizations can utilize Google Sites to host events. 

In 2020, they had to create this event in a short period of time, however, it was possible with Google Sites. They created a fully immersive digital experience with an agenda, communication tools, access to documentation, breakout sessions, and more. 

When this manufacturer utilized Google Sites for the first event, they used it to create a “brochure” website to provide their conference attendees with everything they needed to know. Since they were already a Google Workspace customer, it was also painless for them to implement since they were familiar with similar Google products. 

For the most recent conference, the team had more time to implement, giving them the ability to create more pages, visual assets to support their pages, and an even more customized experience. They also had the ability to create a robust brand experience through customization, video integration, PDFs, and other added content. The organization also included a wellness challenge within the event to help keep their employees engaged with one another. 

Google Sites was quick to implement, repeatable, and effective for the organization while being easy to use and accessible for the end-users. 

Government Organization

A government entity also utilized Google Sites to hold a virtual event in place of their annual in-person conference. They operated their entire conference through Google products, all centralized in Google Sites. 

This experience allows you to maintain a connection with end-users while creating an easy-to-use website that provided attendees with the information they need — all on products they were already familiar with. 

While many organizations may think they can only utilize Google Sites for something simple, you can push the boundaries of this product to create robust events, detailed help centers, and more for enterprise organizations. 

Whether you want to integrate outside products and services or not, Google Sites provides you with all the tools you need to create an effective virtual event. 

Problem, Solution, Action!

Don’t let the challenges set you and your team back from taking your business to the next level. 

If you’re looking for the ability to transform your previously in-person experience into a virtual one, create a centralized help center for your organization, or something else entirely, you can utilize Google Sites to create incredible content. 

Start by identifying your problem and needs, then recognize the possible solutions. With a little creativity and innovation, Google Sites can be a great way to host your business’s next event, create an intranet, or solve another issue for your organization. 

If you’re not sure which solution fits your business needs, reach out to Onix for support. As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, we’ve perfected the art of Google Workspace migration.

Whether you work in a small business, a government agency, or a large enterprise, with simple or complex network systems, we can help you get the most from your Google collaboration tools. Contact us for a free Google Workspace consultation today!


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