Google Meet vs. Zoom: Which is Best?

Posted by Diego Alfaro, SaaS Solutions Architect

Jan 25, 2022


An increase in hybrid work has led to an increased need for video conferencing among teams — but is a simple video conferencing tool enough? 

In order to encourage collaboration, innovation, and connection between team members, it’s important to supply them with a number of tools all while keeping the organization’s work secure. 

While we’ve heard a number of remote work tools discussed over the last few years, a couple of platforms, in particular, stand out. Both Zoom and Google Meet are popular video conferencing tools with similar core functionalities, but which one should you pick?

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Below, we’re going to discuss the differences between Zoom and Google Meet so you can decide which one is right for your organization. 

Zoom: What Does It Offer?

Zoom is a well-known tool that’s been utilized by a number of companies, particularly over the last few years. It’s known for connecting people through video conferencing, reactions, breakout rooms, and other tools. 


For an individual, Zoom offers a free account with limited features. Depending on the size of your teams and your needs, Zoom has small team packages that begin at $149.90 USD annually per license and increase up to $240 USD annually per license. The features you get with paid licenses include your ability to host more participants for longer periods of time, company branding, and meeting recordings. 


Zoom takes a number of steps to ensure security for organizations, including in-meeting options, secure data, and more. 

According to Zoom, “Communications are established using TLS, and meeting, webinar and messaging content is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with optional end-to-end encryption.”


Zoom offers a number of add-on features, including:

  • Audio conferencing. 
  • Large meetings to include up to 500 or 1,000 interactive participants in a meeting.
  • Premier support.
  • Zoom cloud storage for licenses that include limited or no storage. 
  • Premier developer support.

Google Meet: An Integrated Approach to Collaboration

Google Meet is just one tool within Google Workspace. Each of the included services allow your team to securely connect and collaborate for one set fee in a centralized space. 


Similar to Zoom, Google Meet has a free version included with any Google account. For businesses, however, Google Meet is part of a larger suite of tools in Google Workspace. 

For $72 USD annually per user, in addition to Google Meet, your team can access Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Chat, Currents, Jamboard, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, and Forms. This robust package provides your users with all of the tools that they need to meet, stay connected, and collaborate. 


Google’s platform features many tools and security measures to keep all of your information safe. With what they call a “security-first mindset,” Google features cloud security by design, a number of compliance certifications, and a robust data protection program. 

Through the Admin console Alert Center, Google provides your organization with real-time alerts that span across the entirety of Google Workspace, so you are always aware of potential issues within your domain and can take action to resolve security threats immediately.  


According to Forbes, Google Meet integrates with over 200 additional apps to help connect your team — but this is just where Google Meet’s features begin. 

As discussed earlier, Meet seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace to provide your team with a well-rounded collaboration experience. There’s no need for any other tools. 

Need to share documents with your team? Simply share the link. Need a customized email address? Gmail has you covered. Need a digital whiteboarding solution? Let’s talk about Jamboard. And the list goes on — all for one price. 

In addition, you have control over your data with Google Workspace. Through their data regions feature, your organization can decide where certain covered data should be kept and managed. 

How Onix Can Help Your Team Connect

Through recommended best practices, you can stay connected with your team, customize your meetings, and collaborate with everyone — all in a single space. 

Google Workspace has everything you need to bring your project to life with real-time editing and collaboration in the cloud for presentations, content, and more.

Schedule a Google Workspace Consultation today and promote productivity in a seamless, simple, and secure way with Google Meet.

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