Google Drive: Collaborating and Sharing in Today’s World

Posted by Brian Brauchler, Support Engineer

Oct 06, 2016


Working collaboratively today is essential. Instead of email attachments, with Google Drive you can quickly share files and folders — or easily add them to a Gmail message. Google Drive provides a richer, more efficient user experience.

What Makes Google Drive Something I Should Explore?

Google Drive is a better tool for sharing files than email attachments. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why...


By default, email attachments have no security. A clever hacker can intercept files.

With Google Drive, you gain built-in security. That’s because you provide access only to those whom you’ve given permission.

Access Controls

Email typically allows any recipient full control of an attached file.

Google Drive provides the option to grant individuals or groups the privileges to view, comment or edit files. You can also easily revoke or modify access privileges as needed.


With email attachments, there are limited opportunities for working collaboratively since each recipient must add changes or comments — and then forward the file to others.

Google Drive offers simple, immediate and simultaneous collaboration. Imagine this; up to 50 users may edit the same file at the same time!

Size Limits

Email messages in many systems may not exceed 25 MB (megabytes) per message. And all formatting, header data, inline images and other attachments reduce this maximum.

With Google Drive, however you can include files up to 1 TB (terabyte). And each email message can contain many files — or even folder links.

Revision History

There is no provision for tracking revisions when working with traditional email attachments. Further, modifications are complicated since each recipient has a separate copy of the file, requiring manual coordination with other recipients.

Managing revision history is effortless with Google Drive. Simply click the option in the File menu in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, then revert to an earlier version!

In summary, it’s easy to see that Google Drive provides far more features and flexibility, allowing you to share and manage files in a more collaborative and natural way. It's just one workplace cloud collaboration tool to help you work smarter, better and faster. 


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Brian Brauchler, Support Engineer

Brian Brauchler is a Technical Support Engineer and certified G Suite Administrator. He's been with Onix for 2 years and has 15+ years experience with Google services. His interests include cloud storage, email, operating systems and security.

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